As congress and senate come back into session in September, votes on horse related amendments could begin as early as next week. There is the bad bill...Representative Stewart's amendment to mass euthanize wild horses. And Representative Titus' new amendment that has not been heard yet but would put restrictions back in place and protect all [...]

Outing Enemies of Horses & Burros

CAES has never been interested in making sure we play political popularity games. We don't need new friends, or photo opportunities to get support. We have science, sound fiscal, humane solutions. We just are not lining pockets to get it done. If you are politician willing to fight for the horses and need your pocket [...]


The Adobe Town gather has been delayed, and now won’t begin until at least September 22nd. This gather will start in the checkerboard, and is expected to last about a month.   The Red Desert gather (north of the interstate) has been canceled entirely for now. Sounds like they didn’t get approval for the gather [...]

Amendment Introduced by Rep. Titus to Protect Wild Horses & Burros From Destruction

Representative Dina Titus of NV, Peter King, NY, and Jared Polis, CO, on Thursday filed an amendment to the Interior Appropriations bill that if passed will not allow any portion of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) budget to be used for the destruction of healthy or unadoptable animals. The language introduced by Rep. Titus is normally seen [...]


Here's the really odd twist in the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods... ~~Amazon now owns the company who is the #1 public lands beef purchaser in this country   ~~Amazon Smile program allows charities and non-profits to sign up and be included in the list of organizations people can choose for a percentage of their [...]