Saving ISPMB Horses from Slaughter

ISPMB wild horses

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Citizens Against Equine Slaughter Works with Purina, Dewey County Sheriff and South Dakota Attorney General to Help Buy the ISPMB Horses More Time.

Dewey County, South Dakota – Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES) is undertaking a major fundraising event to raise $100,000 to buy the lives of over 500 horses still at the International Society for Mustangs and Burros. The horses were impounded by the county where they were found to be severely emaciated and neglected.

In the months following the impounding the Dewey County Sheriff’s department has been feeding and providing veterinary care for the horses. The cost to them that has not been repaid is $50,000. Sheriff Les Mayer told CAES board member, Theresa Barbour, that the horses could be kept from going to an unnamed livestock auction, where kill buyers will be to bid on the horses. This can be done if the county were paid the money they are still out and if advocates also come up with $50,000 for operating costs that need to be paid.

CAES was able to secure a donation of Purina feed for the ISPMB horses and a private rescue in California. The private rescue in CA received 5 tons of feed and the ISPMB horses got 1 ton last week with another 7 tons coming this week. Sheriff Mayer told CAES that there was high protein feed in the donated feed. This is what CAES asked for as many horses are senior, and many are underweight, and ‘baby it’s cold outside! We would like to thank Purina Feeds and their parent company Land O’Lakes, Inc.

The horses would then be able to continue to be adopted out. Elaine Nash from Fleet of Angels has been facilitating these adoptions and the transport needed to get horses to new homes. At the beginning there were 810 horses on the premises where Karen Sussman was running the financially despondent sanctuary.

If CAES can find some very generous donors the lives of the remaining horses will be spared and homes can continue to be found for them. CAES is working on the effort to raise the needed monies to keep the horses from kill buyers hands who would take them directly to slaughter.

It is the mission of CAES to stop any American horses from going to slaughter. CAES maintains that American horses are not raised as food and medications given to them can be toxic if eaten. CAES has also witnessed horse slaughter, and educated the public on the difference between slaughter and humane euthanasia.

For information on how you can help save these once wild, and iconic horses please contact CAES at 541.315.6650 or go to our online fundraiser:

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Theresa J Barbour

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter