UVOTE – Unified Voices of the Eagle Coalition 2017 “I Speak Horse” T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Do you speak horse? This means, do you understand the situation America’s wild horses are in because of greedy corporations? Do you understand the target on their backs, and the theft of these animals and their lands as a theft of your resources, your heritage, culture and history? Well, we do!

UVOTE Coalition is dedicated to supporting the growing movement of people who value the environment and wildlife over profits. We stand in solidarity against the corporate machine. Purchasing one of our shirts will support our efforts to hold an educational family event. The event will raise awareness of the corporate greed that is destroying our Earth, killing our wildlife, polluting our water, air, and soil. Simply click the link below to purchase your T-Shirt and learn more about UVOTE’s campaign!

Click HERE to Order Your T-Shirt Today!

UVOTE Tshirt


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