Representative Amodei Violates US Criminal Code, Title 18

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Press Release: US Representative Amodei testified yesterday 7/12/17 in the House Appropriations Committee illegally “misleading”[1] Congress and the nation, regarding extreme animal cruelty of in field sterilization experiments planned in Oregon.
Per CAES legislative liaison Val Cecama Hogsett, Mr Amodei made a statement to the committee that an NGO had sued the BLM regarding birth control experimentation in Oregon with the result that the government had no alternative to warehousing wild horses outside of slaughter.
The NGO referenced was CAES. The experimentation referenced was in fact not “birth control” but in field sterilization via ovariectomy and colpotomy of 200 wild mares in different stages of pregnancy. This is extreme animal cruelty and was indeed halted by the suit[2] filed pro se by Patience O’Dowd in an administrative Appeal by CAES.
CAES believes Representative Amodei’s statement mislead the Congress and the nation to think that there is no viable alternative to slaughter or euthanasia when clearly CAES and Wild Horse Advocates and scientists are overwhelmingly promoting feasible and humane “On Range Management” by birth control PZP immuno-contraception as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. Sadly, this esteemed and feasible recommendation was not even mentioned in committee.
The result was a very close vote in this committee of 27 to 25 to allow horse slaughter in the United States. CAES believes Representative Amodei’s testimony clearly is in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1001 – Statements or entries generally
It is well known that our nation is strongly opposed to horse slaughter[3], hence some of our representatives work in a stealthy manner to re-install this unnecessary abhorrent special interest practice.

Congress must not try to mislead in order to obtain this result so clearly against our national culture.

CAES is submitting a title 18 complaint against Representative Amodei.

Respectfully submitted this 13th day of July, 2017
Dr. Lester Castor Friedlander D.V.M., president of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter

Press Contact:
Val Cecama Hogsett

[1] The House of Representatives Full Appropriations Committee

[2] BLM Motion to Vacate and Remand in Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, et al. 20160909-CAES-IBLA-Motion-to-VR-Mare-Sterilization-Research-EA

[3] ASPCA Press Release, Research Confirms Americans Strongly Oppose Slaughter of Horses



6 thoughts on “Representative Amodei Violates US Criminal Code, Title 18

  1. We need to come up with a strategy, full court press, to OUT these manipulators who are defrauding Congress and the American taxpayer. To which committee in Congress would we address these concerns? Ethics? Oversight? Would concerns need to be initiated by a legislator, someone we consider an ally in the Halls? One can NEVER be too naive about the BLM nor these politicians, and the lengths they will go to achieve their goals.

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  2. Do we have an attorney that can start during these men for lying I’m assuming under an oath. They have to be held accountable in some way!
    How can I help?!

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  3. Thank you continuously for all of the effective work you do to protect our Wild Horses and Burros! Even though there is that old adage, “corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad,” we still have to demand their honesty and just consideration of the one species to whom Man owes most of our progress and security.

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  4. Thank you for all of the effective work you are doing to protect our Wild Horses and Burros! Even though there is the old adage, “corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad,” we still have to do everything in our power to demand their honesty and just consideration of the one species of animal Man owes the most to.

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  5. Thank you! I called his office in Nevada today and was read to by the aid. He picked one passage out of the 74 page bill and read something about Congressman Amodei opposing horse slaughter. I knew he was trying to appease me.

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