As congress and senate come back into session in September, votes on horse related amendments could begin as early as next week. There is the bad bill...Representative Stewart's amendment to mass euthanize wild horses. And Representative Titus' new amendment that has not been heard yet but would put restrictions back in place and protect all [...]


Amendment Introduced by Rep. Titus to Protect Wild Horses & Burros From Destruction

Representative Dina Titus of NV, Peter King, NY, and Jared Polis, CO, on Thursday filed an amendment to the Interior Appropriations bill that if passed will not allow any portion of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) budget to be used for the destruction of healthy or unadoptable animals. The language introduced by Rep. Titus is normally seen [...]


Here's the really odd twist in the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods... ~~Amazon now owns the company who is the #1 public lands beef purchaser in this country   ~~Amazon Smile program allows charities and non-profits to sign up and be included in the list of organizations people can choose for a percentage of their [...]

The BLM could roundup and remove nearly one 10% of our surviving wild horses on the range, all from this one gather and removal in Nevada.

Antelope & Triple B Complexes Gather Plan Public Comments Submitted Here's what CAES Board member There Barbour had to say about the gather: Dear Marc Wells, Thank you for allowing us to submit a comment, and I do hope you accept this one as it is coming to you after a power outage, a bit [...]

Does Chris Stewart Give Alternate Facts About Wild Horses Or is He Questioning His Own Religion?

  Representative Chris Stewart of UT is a Mormon. He is also one of the most outspoken adversaries of wild horses. He claims they are over-populated, starving, destroying the land, and that they are merely animals that escaped domestication and now live wild on our public lands. There have been many scientific finds, mitochondrial analysis, [...]


**Tell USU President Noelle Cockett and Mad Scientist Messmer that they are breaking UT Code Title 52, Chapter 4, Open & Public Meetings Act. ** Talking points: *NO public, state or federal funds, paid to the University, can be used for this CLOSED conference/workshop. *Members attending, using taxpayer money to pay for entry fees, hotel [...]

Wild Horse Summit Fundraiser!

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter is raising funds to send Patience, a delegate for CAES, to the National Wild Horse and Burro Summit. The conference will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 22nd – 24th, 2017. The goal of the summit will be to discuss full implementation of the 1971 Wild Horse and [...]