CAES Stands with the American Public and Condemns Horse Slaughter


Citizens Against Equine Slaughter stands in unity with 80% of the American public in its condemnation of horse slaughter processes used in Canada, Mexico and even when it was done in the USA.

Anyone who has witnessed a horse being slaughtered can tell you how much suffering is inflicted on the animal before it finally dies. But even more than that, the presence of a slaughter house in your neighborhood can have a devastating effect on the entire community. We can learn from past experience just how much damage is done when a slaughterhouse opens in your town. First, there is the odor. Decaying meat smells drift through the air attracting vermin. There are also the other smells, like the smell of waste that is ever-present.

Along with foul odor, there is the pollution involved in disposing of unused portions of the carcasses, which can lay in dumpsters for days before being removed, the blood flowing into the sewer systems and overflowing at times. These and many other problems have been experienced in those areas where formerly there were horse slaughtering plants even in America. For a community trying to enforce regulations and health codes, many trips to the courthouse must be made and taxpayer dollars spent. And for those who consider this a good way to bring jobs to the area, the number of people employed are small, especially when you consider the tax dollars needed to manage the environmental issues that occur. It has even been suggested that crime rates go up and then drop when the slaughterhouse closes down.

The other very important point to consider when deciding to support the slaughter of equines is the fact that horses and other equines are not raised as meat animals and therefore regularly consume many drugs that a beef cow would never be allowed to eat. As a person who owned horses for over 40 years, I can personally attest that I never had a horse that did not end up needing bute (phenylbutazone)….a commonly used medication for horses in pain—and one that is toxic to humans and remains in the horse’s system even after death. So even when horses are shipped outside of the US for slaughter, the threat to our global neighbors is great. As a country that prides itself on compassion and being a good global neighbor we should pass laws forbidding our horses to ship anywhere to be killed and eaten. It is just the humane thing to do, for the horses AND for ourselves.

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter will continue to fight for passage of laws that will stop this cruel and undesirable practice of selling horses for human consumption. Horses are a recreational animal and have many therapeutic attributes that greatly enhance human lives. Eating them is not good for Mankind, and setting up slaughtering plants is costly in dollars and in environmental impact. End slaughter! PASS THE SAFE ACT.

Jeanne Brummet

August 1, 2017

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