**Tell USU President Noelle Cockett and Mad Scientist Messmer that they are breaking UT Code Title 52, Chapter 4, Open & Public Meetings Act. **

Talking points:

*NO public, state or federal funds, paid to the University, can be used for this CLOSED conference/workshop.

*Members attending, using taxpayer money to pay for entry fees, hotel or other travel expenses, are also breaking the law by attending.

*This closed meeting, in which they intend to discuss the fate of public resources (wild horses & burros) and how public funds, taxpayer dollars will be used to implement that fate, does not meet the requirements for closed meeting or executive session.

*The plan to record all but the panel discussion with the scientific ‘experts’ is unacceptable. The public has the right t know and hear the opinions of the scientists that this representative ‘coalition’ or horse haters bases their decisions on. (Too often the science is twisted to meet a pre-determined outcome.)

Flood emails, answering machines, and fax lines with messages expressing your outrage! USU must open this meeting to the press and public or face the consequences of violating the law!


Noelle Cockett
Business or work: (435) 797-1162
Fax: (435) 797-1173

Terry Messmer
Phone: (435) 797-3975

Send a letter to the University Board of Trustees (the chairman of the board is Mr. Jody K. Burnett, if you want to address it to him) using this link:

CAES sent this letter to the University President, Mr. Messmer who is hosting the event (he is a professor) and the Board of Trustees. We’ve attached our letter here as well:


Read more about our fundraiser to send CAES delegate Patience to the meeting:

Wild Horse Summit Fundraiser!


  1. Closed door meeting and back-room decisions without public input are unjust. The subject of the fate of Wild Horse and Burros in the United States is a highly emotional subject for 80% of taxpayers. Those taxpayers who wish the Government cease roundups and proposed slaughter of said animals. Both sides deserve to be heard and decisions made for the horses and burros, not the pockets of lobbyists and other self-serving officials.


  2. I have posted this meeting all over twitter and tagged many news outlets, letting them know the public is being excluded from attending. Why do these universities, institutions of higher learning with a code of ethics they supposedly live by, partner with the criminal Bureau of Land Management. It is a sick captured agency that does not work in the interests of the American public, but for special interests. Universities if anything should be fighting to restore the power imbalance that has so plagued this country, especially after the Citizens United decision. Shall we put them in the “compromised” bin with OSU vet school and their desire to do macabre, barbaric spay EXPERIMENTS on OUR wild mares?

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  3. What’s USC got to Hide? They must be planning something they don’t want the American Public to find out about…..they had rather see Wild Horses Slaughtered then to try & save them….I just don’t see how such HEARTLESS scabs can wiggle their way into Committee’s such as these!!!

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  4. We the American people are against such a cruel and inhumane thing that is being done to our wild horses and burros. What in the world is wrong with these heartless people . This is the taxpayers land not yours . This is stealing from the people of the USA. This has to be stopped. These beautiful animals are our heritage. The BLM is lying about these horses. They are not starving and they are healthy and not over populated . Just all iies.

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