Outing Enemies of Horses & Burros

CAES has never been interested in making sure we play political popularity games. We don’t need new friends, or photo opportunities to get support. We have science, sound fiscal, humane solutions. We just are not lining pockets to get it done. If you are politician willing to fight for the horses and need your pocket lined to do so let us know! (joking of course, but sadly it is the situation and wild horses & burros are the poor relatives of livestock on the range.)

We attended the secret slaughter summit (National Wild Horse & Burro Summit) in Utah last month. The meeting was closed to the public, member attended via invitation only and had to pay a fee for the 3 day event.

We sent ActivateNow, and independent news media group, out to investigate. They were touted as the 2 Women in a Car (the reason for that is another story for another time). We tried to register for the Summit and were denied access.

On day 1 there was a field trip to the Delta Wild Horse & Burro Corral. Our crew was met by the ‘riot squad’ with dogs ready in their vehicles. We were told we could only be as close as the public road. So we were there and we filmed, eventually permitted in when the speeches were over, we interviewed the Governor.

Our 2 Women in a Car took videos, photos, did interviews and even got ejected (Day 2) from the Marriott where the conference was held on day 2 & 3.

We then got our 2 Women out of the cheap hotel we booked them into and put them at the Marriott as VIP guests so the could not kick them out of day 3. They were however told not to speak to any guests or hotel employees.

We were issued a formal apology for the Marriott’s behavior in that matter. (Unfortunately it was instigated by 2 Women who are Insecure, again a story for another day).

We also walked the multi-level parking garage taking photos of vehicles and license plates that were county, state and federal agencies. So while the claim was made that this meeting could be closed because it was hosted by the University of Utah, and participants had to pay to attend, use of the agency vehicles was among many things that prove that to be inaccurate.

Other factors that made this an illegal meeting that should have been open to the public were, expenses for the trip, flights, hotels, meals, gas etc. Any use of funds by an agency employee to attend a meeting that discusses policy or legislative influence must be open to the public. However our complaints about that in the weeks before the meeting, simply went ignored.

We won’t go into a lengthy, detailed accounting of what was said at this meeting because you have all heard it before. And we have provided the link to watch the parts of the meeting that were recorded and put online for the public. We accept no liability on the content of these videos being true, accurate, or the videos being unaltered. Why? Because frankly we know all of those things are probable.

The group’s spokesman, from the Berryman Institute, a division of the university, said that they had a good representation of all points of view there. They claim this because organizations with names that give the appearance to be supportive of wild horses were invited. One example is the Wild Horse and Burro Association.

The information on the coalition’s website says that over 100 groups attended but this is the list we found on the summit’s website, now calling themselves a steering committee:

National Wild Horse and Burro Summit Steering Committee
Aug. 22-24, 2017
The steering committee included representatives from the following organizations and groups:
Arizona Sportsmen
Audubon Society
Beaver County Commission
Berryman Institute
Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus
Idaho Wildlife Federation
National Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition
Nevada Division of Wildlife
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
Society for Range Management
Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
The Wildlife Society
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
University of Wyoming
Utah Department of Natural Resources
Utah Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
Utah State University Extension
Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
Western Landowners Alliance
White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts
Wyoming State Grazing Board

And these are the resolutions they have now published as a result of the illegal summit:

Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Management
WHEREAS, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages wild horses and burros under the authority of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (Act) which directs BLM to remove excess wild horses and burros from the range to sustain the health and productivity of public lands; and
WHEREAS, The National Academy of Sciences in 2013 stated “Evidence suggests that horse populations are growing by 15 to 20 percent each year, a level that is unsustainable for maintaining healthy horse populations as well as healthy ecosystems.” In March 2017, BLM estimated 73,000 horses and burros on public rangelands yet the Appropriate Management Level (AML) is below 27,000 and nearly 50,000 animals are in holding facilities. The cost of BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro (WHB) Program has risen from $36.2 million in 2008 to $80.4 million in 2017 with most spent on care of excess animals in off-range facilities; and
WHEREAS, the removal of restrictive BLM budget appropriations language will allow the WHB Program to be more effective in achieving horse and burro numbers at AML and ensure healthy rangelands and restoration of critical riparian areas and spring sources.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
  • Supports the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal that calls for the removal of past appropriations language that restricts the BLM from using all management tools provided by the Act, as amended and acknowledges this critical step to attain “a thriving ecological balance” with healthy wildlife populations and public rangelands.
  • Will collaborate with Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) and others to inform key members of Congress about the unsustainability of the BLM’s current wild horse and burro management program.
  • Urges the BLM to develop an action plan, using all management tools available as authorized under the Act, to remove excess horses and burros (including animals that exist outside of established herd management areas), from public rangelands as soon as possible.
Adopted in Convention, Vail, Colorado, July 11, 2017

(Was anyone aware of this second meeting?)

Perhaps the most telling thing about the hatred and lies that come from this group to achieve the agenda of the livestock industry is the logo itself. The logo depicts a starving wild horse and a starving burro the very image they have been painting in the minds of Americans and more importantly in the minds of Congress.

Nat’l Horse & Burro Summit

“We thank you for your interest in achieving the Summit goal of healthy horses on healthy rangelands through implementation of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. For more information about how you can participate in this process and to view the National Wild Horse and Burro Summit presentations please go to the National Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition web site at http://www.wildhorserange.org/  … The National Wild Horse and Burro Summit Steering Committee.”

Their mission is to remove so many horses & burros that the herds are ALL genetically non-viable, leading to genetic extinction. Their plans have been stopped because the BLM has already rounded up and removed so many of our wild horses & burros that the holding facilities are full, the leases and care is costing almost the entire budget for the program, so gathers have slowed and the horses & burros are not gone.

The recommendation from this group to remove restrictions, allow all the tools available in the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1071, as amended, is their statement that means it would allow BLM to use funds in their budget to ‘humanely euthanize’ what the BLM deems to be excess animals that are perfectly healthy!

They plan to leave only 27,000 wild horses and burros on the ranges in the west. If we ever get to a number that low, genetically they will already be extinct.

Video of the Summit provided by a coalition formed to do nothing more than get rid of our wild horses and burros, wolves, mountain lions, bears and every other wild animals they can:  Summit videos

6 thoughts on “Outing Enemies of Horses & Burros

  1. Please notice these new declarations have removed the word “natural” from PL 92-195, the law mandating wild horses and burros be managed “to achieve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance on the public lands.”

    If adopted as rewritten, this would allow invasive species (essentially all domestic livestock) a free pass into further degradation of our public lands, while also creating a semantic excuse to further vilify wild horses and burros as somehow “unnatural.”

    This cynical semantic alteration must not go unchallenged.

    1. We have noticed that and we will challenge it. This is the same group of special interest people that also carry an altered version of the constitution in the pockets.

  2. Gathers have not slowed, by the end of the year there will be about double the number of horses gathered than last year. Starting at the end of 2016 all roundups ended with a small release of 50/50 older horses with all the mares pzped. — South Steens, Cedar Mtn. now the WY checkerboard. Foals are not counted and many die or are put down after having developed injures such as club foot from being ran so hard.

    One of the sessions a resource manager and later his boss talked about (or I should say boohooed) that they had to share 1.5 million acre of public allotments with 4 HMA’s. In showing their chart you could see their concern. Eg: Beatty Butte estimate of 202 horses were squeezing them out of permits. Saying they had to reduce their permitted aums from 25,000 to only 9464 aums within this 400,000 ac area because of the horses. ?? How stupid do they think the Sec. of Interior is to think they could convince him of lost revenue because of 202 horses created a loss of more than 15,000 Aums. I am embarrassed for those basturrrrds.

  3. Is there anyway this summery of this meeting could be sent to all house and Senate members? They need to read this too.

    1. We were not able to get the information ourselves for quite some time. There was a ‘mums the word’ and do not leave your materials, from the summit land in hotel trash, on a table, or let it leave your hands period, rule for summit attendees. The videos from the summit are now available online. Of course they are only the things they wanted us to see, and we have no way of knowing what we were not allowed to see, or how much may have been edited. Meetings like this create a huge air of distrust. CAES is still working on action to be taken on the illegality of the meeting itself. We also claim that the resolutions sent to the appropriations committees must be thrown out or NOT considered because they were achieved through an illegal meeting therefore must be considered null and void! ~~ as if that does much other than having the committee members not SAY this is the reason for their vote! We need them to hear the majority of Americans, and that can only be done by every person opposed to this mass euthanasia plan making those calls! Make it very clear that if they vote FOR this they do NOT get your vote! Every House Rep is up for re-election in 2018.

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