Transcript, in part, of WH & B Advisory Board Recommendations

We were not able to get the end of the recommendations portion of the meeting because it ran late and they stopped live feed and transcription at the planned time for the end of the meeting and not the actual end. So this is what we were able to obtain. *Note this transcript does not [...]


A Peoples National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting (with Poll)

POLL: What would you rather for our Nation's Wild Horses & Burros? Choose A or B and Click on the Link Below to Vote: A. I WOULD RATHER OUR WILD HORSES ARE: -Sold to foreign Nations including Russia where they are hammered in the head prior to slaughter. -Mass Euthanized and MASS composted. -Sold to [...]

Postponed Tuesday the 17th – Thursday the 19th still on Calendar…Budget Senate Hearings are on the calendar for Oct 17 & 19

Your action is needed....fill their inboxes, faxes emails and facbook and twitter accounts. This is it or never. The fate of up to 120,000 wild horses and burros depends on your action.     The Interior Appropriations mark-up by the sub and full committees is on the schedule for next week. The times listed [...]


Mae’s BoG Installment #2 In installment one, I called in my report and Val Cecama-Hogsett of CAES put my experience into words (linked at the bottom of this article). I feel it is important to state that this is all new to me. I have been involved and reading about wild horses and burros, but [...]