Pressure Works

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YOU did it. You have put the pressure on your Senators and they have listened. The Udall language that was removed from the House version of the budget, is in the Senate draft.

So far we do not see any hearings scheduled for mark-up or any votes recorded on the bill language. So we do not know what the final Senate version will look like yet.

There has not been a Senate bill number assigned to this as of today. It is not yet in the Congressional record because this is only the FY2018 chairmen’s recommendation to the Senate Appropriations committee.

We are hoping that the Vice Chair, Senator Udall has felt the heat of all of your calls and letters and will fight to make this a part of the Congressional Record, and a Senate bill. Then he needs to fight again when it goes into the reconciliation process with the House.

We all know that there are several Representatives in the House who do not want the restrictions on slaughter and euthanasia of wild horses to continue, the same representatives that have gotten transfer language in that they now wish to be unrestricted, which is potentially dangerous.

The good news:

S. 0000
The language keeping funds from being used to euthanize or slaughter healthy wild horses and burros is here in the Senate version of the FY 2018 Bill (S. 0000) It was left out of the House version.

The bad news:

SEC. 115. Notwithstanding any other provision of
law, the Secretary of the Interior may transfer excess wild
horses or burros that have been removed from the public
lands to other Federal, State, and local government agen-
cies for use as work animals: Provided, That the Secretary
may make any such transfer immediately upon request of
such Federal, State, or local government agency: Provided
further, That any excess animal transferred under this
provision shall lose its status as a wild free-roaming horse
or burro as defined in the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and
Burros Act: Provided further, That any Federal, State, or
local government agency receiving excess wild horses or
burros as authorized in this section shall not: destroy the
horses or burros in a way that results in their destruction
into commercial products; sell or otherwise transfer the
horses or burros in a way that results in their destruction
for processing into commercial products; or euthanize the
horses or burros except upon the recommendation of a li-
censed veterinarian, in cases of severe injury, illness, or
advanced age.”

This language is in the Senate version. It seems good to the average reader right? Wrong.. as we saw with Tom Davis and the sale of nearly 1800 wild horses to him. He took them directly to slaughter, and was never charged for it. Why? Because once wild horses and/or burros are sold, they become the ‘property’ of the purchaser. This means they no longer have federal protections and the federal government cannot tell the new owner what to do with their ‘property’.

Keep up the calls to your Senators and Representative, let them know we do not approve of :
mass euthanasia,
or transfer to an agency that becomes the owner, labeling the horses as property…
making it entirely possible for multiple Tom Davis situations.

Read the entire reccommendation here

4 thoughts on “Pressure Works

  1. I am glad to see some progress on the destruction of our horses!! They are a living monument to our history and our ancestors who built this country! May all of them live free and others that are domestic be protected from kill buyers and slaughter houses!!

  2. We are half way there! They never quit do they? I’ve never been so firmly convinced that we need term limits. They are so firmly entrenched in their positions and so beholding to the lobbyists that we, as concerned citizens, offer them nothing. We should not have to go through this terror, concern and stress for our beloved treasures. They need to be protected and allowed to run free and wild forever!!!!

  3. I completely support your efforts to save our horses. I still cannot believe the cruelty of those who do not value these majestic animals.

  4. I completely support your efforts to save our horses. I still cannot believe the cruelty of those who do not value these majestic animals.

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