Sue Carter Friend or Foe

“Sometimes we need to shrug and admit that some people are just educated beyond their intellect.” – 2 Women in a Car

We intend to expose those we know are not working for the protection of equines in this country. We don’t like creating ripples in the advocacy, but, if we remain silent we are guilty of not protecting them.

We found out this week that Sue Carter, and administrator of 2 fairly prominent Facebook groups, “I Oppose Slaughter of Horses in the USA” and “BLM, Leave America’s Wild Horses and Burros on Their Wild Lands!” has stated that she hopes well-known ranching attorney, Budd-Falen will intervene in a case being fought out in NM courts.

Sue States that she hopes that Budd-Falen is hired and that she would destroy the court case brought by Wild Horse Observers Association to set illegally captured wild horses in Lincoln County, NM (commonly known as the Alto Herd) free.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 8.39.11 PM
In this screenshot Sandy Tubb mentions Patience, that is Patience O’Dowd, one of the people from WHOA. Sue then asks how Budd-Falen is involved, saying she would eat Patience and/or WHOA alive in court. Sue then mentions that she (Karen Budd-Falen) has intervened previously in another case for the NM LB (Livestock Board) another case involving WHOA. The rest is discussion on property law and rights.


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 8.40.02 PM
This screenshot is self-explanatory showing Sue’s continued support of Budd-Falen to shut-down WHOA in the legal battle to free the wild horses of Alto,  NM.


Karen Budd-Falen and her law firm have long been known as supporters of ranchers, and the county supremacy movement. Those folks that seem to believe the Federal Government doesn’t have the right to manage federal lands, and that we should turn them over to the states.  She also intervened in a court case WHOA brought against the Livestock Board of NM in the past, and lost. But WHY does someone want this woman, a rancher’s, pro-slaughter, attorney to fight the case to save our wild horses?

“Karen Budd-Falen represented Utah ranchers who demanded that “the Bureau of Land Management remove ‘excess’ wild horses from” land near Cedar City, which they claimed was “overrun with free-roaming horses that displace their cattle.” The case was dismissed by a federal judge in July 2017.”
Read the long list of Ranchers supported by Budd-Falen.

Back in August we brought you screen shots of Sue Carter telling people not to donate to small organizations that need money for lawyers, or to support a small fundraiser to get our 2 advocates to the Utah Summit held without any wild horse advocates invited. That was aimed at Citizens Against Equine Slaughter because we were the ones trying to get 2 advocates, Patience O’Dowd and Lorri Burnett to the Summit to report on it.

In this screen shot Sue tells people not to donate to small groups needing attorneys and tells people not to get scammed…implying we are scammers. How do we know she was talking about CAES? Look at the next screen shot of the same conversation.


And here it is, we were running a small fundraiser  to pay our ‘2 women in a car’ gas money to get to this illegal Summit and cover what they could, having also raised the admittance fees, just to say, “We are here and willing to pay the registration to get into your summit”. We knew we would not be allowed to attend. This meeting was all livestock, oil, federal, etc.

What we constantly hear is that the advocacy needs to come together. We all need to work together, we need to forget our differences, etc. But, when someone is telling lies about you, your organization, and even telling people not to donate, how are you able to just keep doing your job and ignore this type of harassment?

Why should we be forced to be silent when we have had Sue Carter harassing Patience for many years, and when it has gotten to this point? Sue was never told by the advocacy that her behavior is unacceptable, so she continues, and she takes bolder actions each time. What is the real motive? Is it a personal vendetta against Patience O’Dowd, or does she work for the government, the livestock board, or some other agency that wants to stop us?

Will you continue to allow this behavior? Do you believe THIS is how our advocacy should represent itself? We do not.

To show your support please consider making an emergency donation to the WHOA legal fund, by going to their website Wild Horse Observers Association  or by clicking on the donate button here on CAES website and we will forward it with our donation to them for the Alto Wild horse case, and their FREEDOM.

Update –
Some people are angry with us for making this issue public. But, when Sue started this public campaign against us, we have every right to respond and defend ourselves. We also have the right to publicly questions her motives. She is dangerous to our efforts to protect horses wild and domestic.

This has been an issue for nearly 4 years. Until August most of Sue’s attempts to discredit Patience and/or WHOA have been done in private messages on Facebook, and we received many screenshots of that from people who questioned her motives. We remained silent, and that did not stop this. We see these public attacks as an advancement in her war against us and ultimately against our nation’s horses.

We will be sharing more screenshots of her posts both public and from private messages. We do hope people will learn to evaluate who they follow who they believe and why they may attack another advocate. These actions are not victim-less. They are bullying, deceit and counter productive for all of us who are trying to stop slaughter and protect wild horses.


Sue disagreed with our expose on the Wild Horse Summit in UT and calls our post nonsense, in this post she shares part of our article, which is a copyright violation for one, and just another public bashing.


In this screenshot Sue again takes a photo from our Expose of the Summit in UT and uses it. We know the document pictured is from our article because you can see a brown slice on the right side, that is Patience O’Dowd’s countertop where she laid the photo to take a picture. These were documents WHOA received from a FOIA request. Again a copyright violation.

Our main point of this expose was to expose the plan of the participants in this summit to ship our wild horses to Tribal lands for mass euthanasia and composting. YES we also intended to put pressure on Senator Udall, but this post from Sue completely ignores that. And the other thing to think about from the comments in this post are that Sue mentions a Callie Hendrickson as the author of these documents we got through FOIA. The FOIA request went to Governor Gary Hebert of UT, and were received by WHOA from that office. They do not list an author, so HOW does Sue know who the author is?


The last comment made by Sue Carter in this screenshot is Sue Carter asking us to respond. So we are.  She also says “Notice it says at the top BE ADVISED THIS POST IS NONSENSE” hoewever does not make it clear that she added that statement.

These last 2 screenshots show the conversation on our expose, without talking about any other information in the article which is 45 pages long, includes attachments that are supporting our statements, and only focusing on the pressure we were putting on Udall to stand up for our horses, wild and domestic.





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  1. The advocacy is not divided, the government has sponsored people to come in an be divisive like they do in EVERY movement. No Surprise. Just unfortunate people fall for it.

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