A bill with hundreds of co-sponsors does not even make it to committee…meanwhile in a government for, by and of the corporations  one sponsor they paid well, can pass a bill into law with no problem.

SEE the problem??

SAFE Act, a bill that the majority of Americans support, would stop American horses from being slaughtered in this country or being transported over our borders for slaughter. This bill has been around for several years, has had hundreds of co-sponsors and has gone nowhere. WE the PEOPLE need to question every co-sponsor of this bill who has done nothing more than placate advocates by signing on. We need to vote them out if they are not actively working for our goals, for the people they represent.

Representative Ken Calvert is a prime example of a fake politician. He signed on as a co-sponsor of this bill to end slaughter of American horses…then he votes FOR slaughter after facing pressures for the commercial livestock industry.

We need to contact every one of our representatives and remind them who they work for, and that merely signing their name to this bill does not mean they have done what we are asking. As with Mr Udall in NM, we expect more. We want them to fight for our horses as hard as we do…isn’t that why we elect them?





  1. Yes we do need to stop it! And this November we ALL MUST vote as many of these corrupt “representatives” out as possible!! Unless we do that, there will be no change.

  2. We need to stop this corrupt system, for our wildlife and save our selves from this contaminated water , soil, it is corrupt, everything is dying

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