Dog and Pony BIG Government Show – All Tools to Kill Our Wild Horses

Courtesy U.S. Representative Chris Stewart of Utah
By Patience O’Dowd, CAES 1/11/2017

Representative Stewart visibly started his leadership campaign against America’s Wild Horses and 80% of American taxpayers on April 27th 2016, by stating to the US House “Help me solve this problem” and “I grew up ranching”, while also quoting the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) anti-wild horse rhetoric. Stewart has taken it upon himself to be the lead actor, with a supporting cast of Representatives Amodei, Simpson, and Cole, to replace the tools of modern science, with the brutal killing tools of the 10,500-year-old Livestock industry.

Stewart and his Dis-Information Crew are replacing fact with fiction, misleading Congress and their Countrymen, while the rest of Congress essentially looks the other way. That is the ever so tight grip this special interest, the Livestock industry, has on state and federal legislatures. Stewart zealously advocated recently, “All we’re asking is to give the Department of Interior, what the Secretary has asked, in fact, what he has begged for, the tools to manage”. In Stewart-Speak, Any and ALL tools to KILL. Killing horses goes squarely against the American Culture and Private Industry has not been tapped! There are MANY alternatives. Here are a few which include private industry and/or Veterans.

Private Industry Eco-Darting – Keeps wild horses living wild! *
Veterans, Eco-Darting for country!

Stewart Copy Tables_Page_1

Chart Footnotes
PZP: Porcine Zona Pelucida.
*Heli: Helicopter or Drone. Darting herds from helicopter has occurred for decades across the Continent of Africa.
*All alternatives, governmental or Private Industry, should have a clear and transparent Cost Analysis – this we have not seen from Stewart’s camp.
*Eco-Dart from Eco- helicopter from helicopter. Investors already lining up per hunter and Doctor D.N. Md promoter and innovator.
*Eco-Dart using helicopter to guide one family band at a time into temporary dispersed holding pens, then Dart from ground or helicopter and release. Or Eco-Dart one family band at a time from air without directing them to dispersed holding pens.
*Private industry can capitalize however must have go-pro camera recording for documentation and safety training as well as a Darting
*Qualified Vet on board who trains the darters and tests their marksmanship is on board and provides back up as well as dart preparation. etc.
*Veterans, could also be the “volunteers” darting from air or ground, but be paid.
*The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has admitted to a 5% loss just due to normal handling in holding pens, in addition to the death rate currently caused by the mass chaos of running many bands together for miles including very young and old, at full speed, across dangerous terrain and pouring them into a mass holding pen with their hierarchical family structure causes stallion fighting and more. A helicopter one horse or one family at a time, takes seconds or minutes respectively and causes minimal band mixing as well as very brief runs with few individuals.


Remote Guided PZP Darting – Lure Feed

Ingenious NM Rancher with heart! – Mr. Hart

Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_2 photo1Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_2 photo2txt

pg. 2

Private industry, scientists and advocates of PZP, should be heard by our Congress people as to how to get this done, using American ingenuity, rather than hidden, and not discussed or discussed anonymously as, “an NGO”.

Stewart et al. Mislead regarding natural predators.

In Stewart’s-BIG-Government-Speak, the only possible “tool” for management of wild horses, is the Congressional approval to kill them. Private industry is never mentioned. Neither is Science. He and his gang of actors, are lobbying hard to obtain every “Tool” available to KILL our American Wild Horses. So far, slaughter, unlimited sale, Mass

Stewart et al. never ever speak of the Congressionally commissioned report by the National Academy of Sciences [1], which recommended contraception as the best tool for wild horse population management. They never speak of the long-term success story of native PZP contraception and eco-tourism on the 48,000 acre, and remote Assateague National Park, itself managed under the Department of the Interior over 25 yrs.

Representative Cole of Oklahoma, who though recognized by Time Magazine as “one of the sharpest minds in the House,” and a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation, astoundingly and sadly ignored his heritage as well as science when he testified that: horses “are not indigenous to this continent”, they have “no natural predators when
it’s out there on the plain”, and “It’s the biggest fastest thing out there out there on the plank” (sic). Cole’s testimony was a gross misrepresentation of the simplest of wildlife facts, in order to support horse slaughter of wild horses. Contrary to his erroneous testimony to the House Appropriations committee on July 12, 2017, horses are in fact outrun by all their existing natural predators: mountain lions, bears, wolves and coyotes. And some Bears are larger even a larger “thing” than a horse.

Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_3 photo

These natural predators of the horses are also being wiped out by our special interest government, at $100 Million/yr. by the USDA. This is more than the DOI spends on the nation’s Wild Horse and Burro program, at only $79 Million/yr. Cole’s pro-slaughter vote went directly against his constituents of who are 60% opposed to horse slaughter by Lake Research Poll as are all Americans at 80%. To his credit, Cole does self-identify as a rancher advocate, on his web pages.

Stewart et al. mislead. Cover up of illegal BLM planned atrocity, feigned NGO stopped a PZP experiment.

In committee testimony July 18th 2017, Stewart specifically calls on his lead dis-information partner, Representative Amodei, to again provide a cover up of an illegal and heinous vivisection sterilization experiment planned by the Burns Oregon BLM, in order to minimize contraception and wild horse advocates, and to get his Mass Euthanasia of Wild Horses amendment approved. Stewart et al. attempt to convey this heinous experiment[2] as a contraceptive experiment, and decry that an unnamed nonprofit sued the BLM, thus supposedly leaving them no option but to manage wild horses by killing. See Full Committee Mark Up – Interior Appropriations Bill July 18th
2017[3]. Also see Additional References Pg. 9 no 1.

[1] Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program A Way Forward (2013) Consensus Study Report
[2] The Burns Oregon sterilization experiment ( was not a
contraception or PZP experiment as Stewart, Amodei and Simpson would have Congress and the people of the U.S. believe. It was a plan to vivisect and sterilize. To literally cut a
hole through wild pregnant mare’s sides, reach into their body cavity, unassisted by a scope, in a filthy environment, with a chain on a stick, to literally stick their arm into the mare, feel around for the ovaries, wrap the chain around the ovaries, twist the chain on them and then use the stick to yank the ovaries out. Next, to sew up the mares and  release them and their unborn into the corral, where, if they don’t die a horrible death due to painful infection, they will die of evisceration where their intestines slide into the opening left by the ripped-out ovaries. Death by evisceration, can’t be avoided by keeping the mare standing, because you cannot keep a wild mare from lying down, since you cannot halter and tie her for 2 to 4 days while her insides heal. The unborn foal inside, will likely also die and turn septic.
[3] MISLEADING TO MASS Euthanasia of U.S. Wild Horses        

pg. 3
This sterilization experiment was not a PZP contraception experiment. This heinous illegal sterilization experiment was planned to be executed on 200 sentient, conscious, and wild mares (of which 75 were pregnant) in a filthy environment by the Burns Oregon BLM in partnership with Oregon State University. Representative Simpson also
chimed in falsely. Amodei and Simpson falsely claim and imply that as a result of an unnamed NGO[4] suing and preventing the Burns Oregon BLM, (vivisection sterilization experiment), the BLM’s ability to move forward on birth control was supposedly blocked. In fact, the not for profit CAES sued to stop the vivisection sterilization, not birth control, and won. The Burns Oregon BLM dropped the entire heinous project.

photo pg 4

Stewart misleads the nation against science.

Stewart also further misleads the Nation on Christmas Day 2017 in his NY Times Op Ed., The Hard Truth About the West’s Wild Horse Problem[5]. His newest manipulation, that pregnant mares cannot be darted with contraception, and that they are always pregnant. The NY Times finally had to retract this statement four days after the writer, of the not
for profit CAES, publicly corrected this. However, unfortunately, the damage to a truthful public debate was already done. In fact, pregnant mares are not eligible for horse slaughter and are rejected at our borders.

Why All the Double Speak?

Quid Pro Quo

A NY Times editorial Beyond the Fiscal Cliff, in 2012 offers a likely reason:

“With $6 billion having been spent on campaigns for federal races (much of it from secret donors), the risks of quid pro quo politics are growing.”

Interestingly, the ranching Industry received $5.5 Billion in government hand-outs for ranchers (from the USDA in 2013 alone) actually from tax payers. Yet they rail against a mere $79 Million for wild horses owned by the taxpayers, while the ranchers also get a large part of this $79 Million in unnecessary holding fees. How can we the people, ensure that our tax dollars, generously given to support the ranching industry, are not selfishly turned against us in the form of donations to campaigns for legislators for hire?

Fear of Animal Rights “Slippery Slope”

The second reason for this double-speak campaign is that Non-Lethal Tools of management (contraception) are seen as a “slippery slope” of animal rights, rather than simply feasible and humane population management. The two Kill industries, Livestock and Fish & Game, fear that “animal rights” or non-lethal
management will next be extended to cattle, deer etc. However, ….

[4 ]The un-named “NGO” that stopped the Burns Oregon BLM vivisection sterilization at the Burns Oregon BLM was Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES) through an Administrative Appeal Pro Se. See Additional References Pg. 9, No. 1.
[5] The Hard Truth About the West’s Wild Horse Problem by Chris Stewart

pg. 4

This fear is unfounded: Virtually all Americans see horses, cats, and dogs differently than other animals.

This is in part because these animals each have a different face, different coloring, different . A horse further has different mane and tail, a different position in their family, can easily become approachable, knowable, and hence these three animals are recognizable as individuals, versus the indistinguishable deer herds and cattle, elk, etc.

Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_5 photo1

Tourism Puts Food on the Table…

Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_5 photo1 photo2

No Real RANGE War in U.S

Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_5 photo1 photo2 photo3

There is no actual or significant range war regarding wild horses, as there is no real competition for resources. This is shown by the fact that cattle far outnumber wild horses in the U.S. and on public lands, not to mention deer and elk. Wild horses are not anywhere near the same order of magnitude. Moreover, the only actual competition for
the Livestock industry is foreign imports.

There is also no acknowledgement of any detrimental effect from the 93 Million non-native cattle-industry in the U.S. (millions on the same federal lands as the few wild horses, and more on state lands) to health or environment.

6 Another federal government Agency the EPA has been allowed to label Wild Horses as Pests which has in and of itself, caused a divisive campaign of dis-information labeling the non-toxic, non-hormonal wild horse contraceptive recommended by the National Academy of Sciences as a pesticide. Native PZP.
7 New Mexico’s Ranchers alone received almost twice the entire National Wild Horse and Burro Budget in 2013 alone at over $150 Million. New Mexico’s politicians received hundreds of thousands themselves. Explore: EWG link
8. Compensatory Reproduction Pg. 5 National Academy of Science (NAS) FINDING: Management practices are facilitating high horse population growth rates.

pg. 5

Science in wild horse “management”?

Are we to believe that wiping out the wild horses’ natural predators, and subsequent refusal to utilize contraception on even 1% of these federally wild horses (belonging to all the people), then warehousing them for profit, is management of wild horses?

While Stewart et al. have criminally and falsely testified regarding wild horses and their “management”, they have never shown any balance. They have never spoken up regarding the non-native cattle numbers, other ungulates, nor the lack of use of Science/contraception of the native wild horses (less than 1%) by the BLM. They simply blow it off as not working. Though native PZP has an excellent track record and efficacy of over 90%, it has to be used in order to work.

Slaughter is the major cause of horse dumping in any economy.

Stewart FINAL FINAL_Page_6 photo 1

Starving Horses? Cattle have the BIG Piece of the Pie in the Wild Horse Herd Management Areas.

Representative Stewart of Utah without shame, holds up the same picture of an isolated incident in Nevada, a second year in a row, which was caused by criminal lack of management, in a nearly 3 yr. old picture of the BLM Cold Spring wild horses of Nevada from 2015. A total of 30 horses were euthanized due to refusal to manage. All the horses there are fine today.

“Rhea Little who also lives in Cold Creek feels the BLM could have taken proactive measures to stabilize the population.
“My feeling is if they would have implemented birth control four years ago, the majority of the horses taken today wouldn’t have been born,” Little said.”

CAES member Jen Howe of Utah currently stated:

“I’ve been following herds here for many years and have never once seen a starving horse. I’ve attended roundups where the horses that were removed were all in great shape, and I’ve visited many HMAs. Rep Chris Stewart likes to hold up one photo of a starving mare and foal in Nevada from several years ago that was an isolated incident.” She also references AWI’s important information on this issue utilizing BLM’s own datail the horses are starving, wouldn’t livestock and other wildlife also be? Especially when the livestock overlaps the HMAs.”

Jen Howe references AWI charts submitted to the National Academy of Science below:

8. 30 wild horses from Cold Creek have now been “euthanized”
8. Pg. 41 no. 1,2 . Pg. 45 last 2 para.: “horses are destined for slaughter plants in Mexico. . .” “Mexico will not accept intact studs (males) or pregnant mares. . .” “Numerous unwanted horses are merely hauled to an open space — including private, federal, tribal or state lands. There they are either turned loose to fend for themselves or perhaps shot on-sight. These horses create grave concern for livestock owners and managers due to the potential for disease transmission. . .” “Because of New Mexico’s border with Mexico, the state is recipient of unwanted horses from the entire nation. “
26771844_10212940227153871_1098947106_o 1

pg. 6


Cattle have the BIG Piece of the Pie in Herd Management Areas




This campaign against America’s wild horses is an illegal and bi-partisan special interest campaign of deceit, public theft, and cruelty, almost like no other. Clearly proving to the 80% of Americans (on both sides of the aisle which are strongly opposed to horse slaughter), that their Uniting American Culture, their strongly and mutually held
concerns, are irrelevant to their government on both sides of the aisle.

It is further made clear that this special interest is a bully, has little concern for its own customers, and countrymen, who perhaps unbeknownst to their countrymen, as tax payers prop up this industry like no other. Their countrymen clearly want, and have a constitutional right to their property: Wild Horses, other Wildlife and their wildlife corridors. Yes, Americans want hamburgers, but never just Hamburgers at the expense of everything else.

This longstanding Congressional ruse, being zealously pushed for two years now toward death’s door, by Representative Stewart and his supporting cast of actors, flies in the very face of the institution of government by representation.

These ethical issues include infractions of: Code of Ethics for Government Services, Code of Conduct- House Rule XXIII, and Title 18 Conspiracy to Defraud the United States of their property as well as raise serious issues about the state of our system of government by representation versus manipulation and puppetry.

Additional References Include

1. Attachment G – IBLA notice to CAES , Order to Vacate and Remand Burns Oregon BLM decision of record on the sterilization experiment at Burns Order IBLA 2016-243 Citizens Against Equine Slaughter et al. v DOI-BLM-OR – B000 – 2015- 0055-EA Sept 9th 2016 Motion to Vacate and Remand Granted by Patience O’Dowd and Val Cecama Hogsett

2. Overview Livestock and poultry account for over half of U.S. agricultural cash receipts, often exceeding $100 billion per year.

3. Animal Production & Marketing Issues
Livestock and poultry account for over half of U.S. agricultural cash receipts, often exceeding $100 billion per year.

4. Travel and Tourism Industry in the U.S. – Statistics & Facts
The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the United States, making a total contribution of 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP in 2015. The industry was
forecasted to contribute more than 2.6 trillion U.S. dollars by 2027. Travel and tourism is a reliable and substantial source of employment for U.S. residents, directly
providing around 5.5 million jobs annually.

5. Full Committee Mark Up – Interior Appropriations Bill July 18th 2017 Video

6. Rep. Stewart Addresses the Utah House of Representatives Jan 28, 2016 Video

7. Rep. Stewart Urges For More Local Control of Wild Horses in Speech Video
8. Full Committee Markup: FY18 Agriculture & Energy and Water Appropriations Bills (EventID=106244) Video

9. WILD HORSES AS NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN WILDLIFE by Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. and Patricia M. Fazio, Ph.D. (Revised January 2010) © 2003‐2010, Drs. Jay F.
Kirkpatrick and Patricia M. Fazio. All Rights Reserved.



12. STEWART SEMANTICS by Val Cecama Hogsett CAES

13. EASE of Darting per PZP Scientist

14. U.S. Cattle Statistics

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