Urgent Ethics Complaint: Omnibus HR3354: Representative Stewart/Amodei et al

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Re: Urgent Ethics Complaint: Omnibus HR3354: Representative Stewart/Amodei et al.          1/31/2018

Dear Senator Isakson, and Senators Coons,

               Please review and Act on the Ethics complaint v. Representative Stewart, Amodei, Simpson, and Cook immediately in order to rectify the damages set into motion to our nation based on false testimony given by Representative Amodei in the House Agricultural Appropriations Committee and again as called on by Representative Stewart in the Interior Appropriations committee, hence in both committees just before a vote to kill our nations horses via slaughter and via Mass Euthanasia on 7/12/17  and 7/18/17 respectively.  (See no. 23 specifically of the attached complaint Attachment 1, and see also Attachment 2, for direct quotes in committee.)

               This false testimony not only made it appear that the BLM would be sued for proper management as recommended by the NAS, but was also a deliberate cover-up of a heinous and illegal plan by BLM of vivisection experiments on 200 wild mares with 75 of them being pregnant which CAES stopped. Stewart then falsely told Americans in a 12/2517 NY Times Op Ed that pregnant mares could not be darted with contraception and that they are always pregnant deceiving Americans to get them ready for the unnecessary DEATH of American Wild Horses. The NY Times re-canted this false statement but 4 days late, after CAES publicly pointed it out but damage was done.

The subsequent votes in these two committees was very close and went the way of special interests, against the National Academy of Sciences and against the clearly stated and well understood will of the people in both committee hearings.

               This was clearly a conspiracy to defraud the nation of its wild horses, and Representative Stewart put the icing on the icicle on Christmas day by preparing the nation for the DEATH of their wild horses again, falsely telling them all, in his NY Times Op Ed that pregnant mares cannot be darted with immuno-contraception and that they are always pregnant.  AGAIN mis-leading the Nation, as he et al., have misled Congress into a space where it is believed that there is no non-lethal solution which CLEARLY there is.  However, tantamount to racketeering, the BLM, enabled by a false Congress has REFUSED to actually manage these horses, hence causing a problem which is feigned only to be solved under color of law, by DEATH.

               There is an imminent threat of real damages to our nations people and this natural resource which they alone, own. You must ACT prior to Congress voting on HR3354 which is the appropriations bill which covers these false wild horse plans read into the Senate twice in September of 2017. This bill was confirmed by Senator Udall’s office as the current Appropriations bill in the Senate as also confirmed by CAES on Congress.gov. Again, subsidies for certain industries including our livestock industries were envisioned by Henry Clay, however, he was clear that he also did not envision these subsidies being turned around and used against the will of the people who actually paid them, or the very customers and countrymen of the Livestock industries.  This is a gross mis-appropriations of the people’s monies and natural resources and an insult to our government by representation.

For the Wild Ones and the Open Spaces, they Grace,

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter

Patience O’Dowd

Cc:  Pat Roberts  , Kansas,             Brian Schatz, Hawaii,                     James E. Risch, Idaho                     Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire