Honoring the Native North American Wild Horse on World Wildlife Day 2018

On this World Wildlife Day, many of us are feeling anxiety, sadness, and worry. The American way of life that we thought we enjoyed has become an idealistic dream.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” – AbrahamLincoln

You can take President Lincoln’s quote and replace the word ‘people’ with corporations. We saw with the events os Cliven Bundy and his followers, that the federal government can be forced to back down under the pressure of the livestock industry. Then after 2 armed stand-offs (Bunkerville, NV, and Malheur, OR), we watched the Bundy’s receive acquittals for armed stand-offs and even the armed takeover of a federal building.

We then watched the events of Standing Rock, where our Indigenous Peoples were brutalized and arrested, by both law enforcement and hired mercenaries protecting an oil pipeline. Indigenous people were arrested for protecting their own sacred lands, lands that are theirs according to treaties.

Then came this new administration. We see everything, our EPA, ESA, FDA, all turned upside down and shook like the government was looking for spare change to fall from pockets to strip them of every protection we hold dear.

We hear and go to secret meetings, closed-door meetings between government and big business, lobbying and laying down the plan to destroy wild areas, wildlife, environmental protection, delisting endangered species, and our focus, the wild horses.

So what can we do? Let’s look back to Wild Horse Annie, let’s do what worked….but not just the children, every one of us who still cares, still believes our voices together are bigger and stronger than these destructive industries.

On the 2018 World Wildlife Day, we ask you to fill out the following form, answer the 3 questions on the photo and we will send it to President Trump.

We know you can just click buttons and have your computer sign this…but it holds more weight when you take the time and effort to answer the 3 questions on this postcard.

So PLEASE will you take a few moments of your time for the horses? Do they mean at least that much to you?