The U.S. House of Representative Chair Summary of the Omnibus to be Voted on March 23, 2018

Released March 21, 2018, the House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen spins his approval web of lies to promote the Omnibus Budget as a good thing.

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Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call via AP Images

While the major news, that she seems to view as a good thing, is to


“preserve federal lands for public and private uses, such as
energy development, ranching, recreation, and military training…”

The glaring omission seems to be environmental conservation, wildlife preservation, watershed improvements during increasing drought and fire … you know those pesky little details that created the BLM and Forestry Service.

There is no mention of a major amendment that will allow over 100,000 wild horses to be killed because of 40 years of mismanagement, and favoritism of the commercial livestock public lands ranching. That seems like it might be significant enough to warrant a mention in the summary.

In his summary of the BLM budget, she boasts a provision for sage-grouse conservation, even though the plan worked on with real conservationists was scrapped by President Trump and Ryan Zinke.

The new plan will likely do everything except force commercial industry, using sage-grouse lechs and nesting areas exempt from any enforceable restrictions put on them to protect the birds. It will likely amount to wild horses removed from these focal areas, although there is zero scientific evidence even hinting to wild horses being a reason for the decline in the grouse population.

It will also include cutting the old growth pinyon-juniper, which they claim doesn’t permit growth of vital sagebrush to provide cover for the birds, and also gives raptors a perch to hunt them. Coincidentally the ranchers have wanted to cut these trees for decades because they take space and water from forage for cows and sheep. Nevermind that there is also no science to back up this theory of conservation created by…well we all know who.

Here’s what the summary of the Department of Interior BLM Omnibus bill says…
“Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – The bill contains $1.3 billion for the BLM, an increase of $80 million above the fiscal year 2017 enacted level. The bill provides $60 million, equal to the fiscal year 2017 level, for on-the-ground sage grouse conservation to protect the species and to preserve federal lands for public and private uses, such as energy development, ranching, recreation, and military training. The bill also includes a $21 million increase to expand energy and mineral development. “