Three Women Just Took a Congressman Out

Congressman Chris Stewart is one of the most crooked elected officials when it comes to public lands and special interest money. 3 women just took him down a notch.


*The first was the woman who wrote the ethics complaint filed against him on Jan 24.

**The second was the lady who alerted to the live call-in show, a chance to finally get the word out on mainstream media.

***And the third is the woman who called in and was able to ask Congressman Stewart the questions he denied or would not answer, instead telling her she did not know what she was talking about.

They intend to take him up on the invitation to meet him in August.

###3 hours later, the Stewart Amendment that would kill 100,000 wild horses was scrubbed from the Omnibus language.###




Starring Cast:

*Patience O’Dowd who gave up a month of time to compose the ethics complaint from 2 years of evidence gathering by CAES.
**Terry Murphy who in the wee hours of the morning was tagging and flagging CAES to alert us that there was an opportunity to call-in and corner Congressman Stewart on live air.
***Val Cecama-Hogsett the voice in the interview. Val had been up working all night and was checking messages before bed. With 10 minutes notice, but years of evidence what were the best 3 questions, there wouldn’t be time for more?

This isn’t the first time the Congressman has faced the anger of the people, land and wildlife we elected him to protect.

Constituents Heckle GOP Congressman At Town Hall: ‘Do Your Job’

Republican Congressman Falls Apart When Asked On MSNBC To Name 1 Corporate Loophole Being Closed By GOP Tax Bill

Don’t worry Congressman, your term is almost up.

5 thoughts on “Three Women Just Took a Congressman Out

  1. I heard the questions on CSPAN, He is too arrogant to even realize his people see right through his fabrications. I heard him in 2016 during a congressional hearing (the one Ginger Kitrens got to say one sentence) and he most of the speakers that day were all doing the same. This fabrication has to stop and am glad someone is stepping up. Thank you


  2. I’m an educator and horse advocate. I would love to volunteer with CAES! What can I do with you that I’m not already doing? I can travel more in another year when I retire and can lobby in DC !! Let me help the horses!!
    Jane Giard


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