The Nation is the Village it Takes to Help Wildlife During Severe Western Droughts

The Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Service Along With Wild Horse Organizations are Working Together to Provide Water During Drought.

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While this may look like it’s too dry for forage, it actually isn’t. You can see all the dried grasses. Wild horses eat these dried grasses which provide the same nutrition as if they were still green. So with the water that we are providing, they are fat, healthy, happy horses. 

During the forest closure, our water haulers will have to be our eyes. They have limited access and can only travel on specific Forest Service roads during specific hours of the day. But they can get lucky and see some of the wild ones as they drive to the tanks or even while filling.

Water hauler Irene snapped this picture of a healthy looking band.

We need ongoing financial support for this and other water projects, not only for wild horses but all the other wildlife using our tanks. For those who have or are now concerned we have screens set in the water tanks in case a small animal should fall in, this provides a ramp for them to get out.

Here are some photos of the volunteers hauling water and filling tanks,  from our AZ Branch, the Heber Wild Horses Freedom Preservation Alliance, and some photos of the wild horses, other wildlife and even a domestic visitor to the tanks, and some tracks including a bear. This has all been made possible by these wonderful volunteers and the public support that is helping us keep these folks in gas money, and to pay for tanks as we need to add one in another location. So far we have had people donate the use of their wells for water, and we will keep going until the rains come.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! So good to hear of volunteers that are “allowed” to help the wild ones – not being prevented from doing good.

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