We are way upside down

The No Bull Sheet

Upside down

Our public lands could be so much better. So easily. But we manage them in an upside down fashion.

Instead of managing the land for its intrinsic value as a natural landscape for the benefit of the vast majority of the public whom owns the land, we manage them for a noisy, tiny, belligerent, special interest group. The majority of us end up financing the degradation of our own lands. It is dumb of us. We don’t need to continue.

The main threat to the health of the land in the West, hard to see although it is everywhere, is public lands ranching. Nothing does more damage to public lands than public lands ranching.

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3 thoughts on “We are way upside down

    1. U have to call dc yr reps.find out who they are. We have so much to lose n fight for use yr voice 24/7.demand the safe act hr113. 202 2243121 call all day n nite. Get involved. We r losing them to horrific brutal long slaughter.pls keep this number it also belongs to we the ppl!!!


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