CAES Auction – June 2018

Bidding is now open for 2 items. This auction will run from Today, June 18 until, June 24 at 6 p.m. EST (That’s 8 p.m. CMT, or 9 p.m. PST). So set your reminders for the ending time and make sure you don’t get outbid!

To bid go to the comments section on this page and type either quilt or wood and the amount you wish to bid. Please make all bids in increments of $1.00. The Bidding starts are in the comments to get you going!

1. Item one is a gorgeous Laurel Burch Quilted Wall Hanging.

We have a beautiful quilted wall hanging. The Material is from Laurel Burch, a  top designer in the fabrics world. And the quilter is a dear friend, Karen Gibbs, who is just amazingly talented as you can see by the stitches on the back of the quilt that repeat the outlines of the horse, it’s mane and all. Just gorgeous. Don’t miss your chance to bid on this!

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2. Item 2 is a spectacular wood burning by artist and wild horse advocate Julie Sausman.

We have a gorgeous wood piece by the talented artist, Julie Sausman. This colt on wood is from a photo of a wild one taken by a very accomplished photographer, Gary Odell. The wood burning is done on a piece of sycamore that Julie harvested from a tree they had to cut down on her own land. So it’s an environmentally friendly piece (no trees were needlessly taken to create this work of art). Get your bids in on this once in a lifetime piece, that is sure to brighten your home.

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Payments must be made within 7 days of the auction or the item will go to the next highest bidder.

Every dime collected from auction proceeds goes to the ongoing work of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter to continue fighting in courts, and on the ground.

Currently, we are helping pay for 2 court cases, with 3 more we expect this year. We also are involved in 2 water projects and probably starting a third this month.

We are also working at the legislative level to put a permanent end to the slaughter of all American horses, domestic and wild.

If you do not want to bid on an item but just want to contribute you can use the donate button on the righthand side of this page. Or, you can donate through our Facebook page, or send a check to us at:

PO Box 115
Drain, OR 97435

For any questions or more information, or if you would like to become a volunteer please contact Val @ 541.315.6650.


14 thoughts on “CAES Auction – June 2018

      1. No Julie sorry the auction ended already. Stay tuned we may have another one!
        It will be a few months but…

    1. I would like to bid $100 on the quilt . I hope I posted this in the right place !

  1. Barbara Schatt has bid $50 on the Wood burning. Than you Barbara. Current high bid on the quilt is $60 thank you Jen Howe.

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