Action Notice for the Budget Bills


The BAD Bill & the GOOD Bill

H. R. 6147 is the bill we want to be defeated. Tell your electeds to VOTE NO.

It is the Dept. of Interior FY 2019 bill that has the Stewart Amendment. The language in his amendment asks for euthanasia of all horses, 10 yrs of age or older, that are removed from the wild. It also asks for restrictions on sales to be lifted which would allow unlimited sales to anyone who wants the horses, for any reason, including slaughter.
S. 3073 is the version of the Dept. of Interior FY 2019 bill. Tell your electeds to VOTE YES.

This Senate version keeps protections in place for the wild horses that have been there for nearly a decade.

The SAFE Act to permanently and completely stop the slaughter or transport to slaughter for American horses, domestic and wild needs to pass this year. We want to tell our electeds to VOTE YES on H.R. 113 and S. 1706

So ask your elected officials to:

Vote NO on H.R. 6147

Vote Yes on:
S. 3073,
S. 1706 and
H.R. 113

One thought on “Action Notice for the Budget Bills

  1. Mass euthanasia is not the answer. Sales to anyone to include sales to slaughter is not the answer. Mismanagement by BLM IS THE PROBLEM. Please allow solutions and management by wild horse advocates to manage a fair and humane solution to tjis problem. PLEASE ALLOW TIME TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM AND NOT FORCE AN INHUMANE PROGRAM TO BE ENACTED…WHICH THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT SUPPORT. THE PUBLUC WILL VOTE YOU OUT IF YOU TRY TO SNEAK THIS THROUGH CON.GRESS.

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