Freedom Rocks on Oregon Beaches

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Find your own Freedom Rock for wild horses on Lincoln City beaches in Oregon (Seven Miles of Smiles) and post a photo of your painted rock on our Facebook Page by clicking HERE.

Lincoln City, Oregon is where we are starting the program. Anyone, any age can participate in their own neighborhoods or favorite spots. Just post your information on the Freedom Rocks with CAES Facebook group with pictures of your rocks. and the general area where people should look for your rocks.

Our American wild horses & burros are in danger of extinction. There has been a strong campaign by special interest industries that want to use the western lands our horses & burros roam. They claim wild horses are overpopulated and dying.

We know that isn’t true because our volunteers across the west are out there with them every day. We have water projects in 5 locations, taking water for wildlife including our wild horses and burros.


Please be sure to share pictures of your found and created rocks to show support for the Freedom of our American wild horses. IF you’re interested in joining the Lincoln City Freedom Rocks Group, or in creating your own please contact Becky Sue Jaussen at:
Phone: 775.297.5144

Want to help more and sponsor a wild horse?

You can help us. You can name your own wild horse or burro. Look through the slideshow and when you make a donation you can name one of the horses or burros in the slideshow.

In the comments at the bottom of this page, give us the number on the photo and the name you choose and we’ll update that photo with the name you’ve picked for your horse or burro. (Donation suggestions $20 single or $38 for mare and foal pair.)

More burros will be here soon!

For more information on these programs or any other questions you have about this or any wild horse issues please contact Val @ the CAES Office: 541.315.6650 or via email:


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