BLM Logic at It’s Best


The following information was posted on BLM’s website. Emergency gather because of drought….postponed until conditions dry out from heavy rain.  Things that make you go…”What?”

At first glance, it seems pretty absurd, right? Not really, the rain is a temporary relief. With the drought, this one rainstorm isn’t going to fix the problem. However, we feel the BLM should be using our tax dollars to construct some permanent water structures. Fish and Wildlife, and the Forest Service too. They all should be concerned about all of the animals in the west, not use this as an excuse to remove more wild horses!

Call a BLM office today, just pick one, any one. Ask them if they have animals in danger from drought out in their district. If they say yes, ask them what they are doing to help them.

If they say anything other than we are, right now, taking water out and also building a more permanent water structure (i.e. windmills or solar wells ). Tell them to ask CAES if they would help there with the Water for Western Wildlife program.

From the BLM Website:



The Bureau of Land Management Ely District, Bristlecone Field Office on or about Monday, July 9 will begin gathering and removing approximately 250 excess wild horses from Big Sand Spring Valley in the Pancake Herd Management Area as there is not enough water to support the number of horses in the area.

Purpose of Gather

The purpose of the gather is to help as many horses as possible while protecting the habitat for other wildlife, including water sources and vegetation.  Without emergency action, the condition of the wild horses in the Big Sand Spring Valley is expected to deteriorate, potentially resulting in the death of some of the horses within a few weeks.  In addition, the overpopulation of wild horses on the limited water supply is reducing the spring’s flow due to trampling and depriving other wildlife of water.  Limited water is available in the foothills. Heavy to severe wild horse use in the valley bottoms and at spring sources and heavy trailing is affecting vegetative resources, degrading habitat necessary for wildlife, including that of the Greater Sage-grouse.

Details of Gather

The gather will be conducted by BLM employees (not contractors) using the bait and water trap method; no helicopters will be used.  Corrals will be placed within the Pancake Herd Management Area (HMA) about 30 miles west of Ely and 80 miles northeast of Tonopah, Nev.

Public Observation

The BLM will conduct this operation by using temporary water and bait traps consisting of a series of corral panels stocked with water and hay; no helicopters will be used.  Because of the nature of the bait and water trap method, wild horses are reluctant to approach the trap site when there is too much activity; therefore, only essential gather operation personnel will be allowed at the trap site during operations.

Adoption Information

The horses identified for removal will be transported to the Indian Lakes Off-Range Wild Horse and Burro Corrals in Fallon, Nev., where they will be checked by a veterinarian and readied for the BLM’s wild horse and burro adoption program.  For information on how to adopt a wild horse or burro, visit


The Pancake HMA encompasses 855,000 acres.  Wild horses overpopulate nearly 120,000 acres of this area, which has an Appropriate Management Level of 240-493 wild horses.  With a current population of approximately 2,160 wild horses, valuable resources have been depleted, affecting the health of those animals.  The central portion of Big Sand Spring Valley is extremely dry with few perennial waters and the area has been closed to cattle grazing since 2000.

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  1. Preposterous….what a sorry explanation! BLM you can do better than this. Let US help. Volunteers are waiting to help. BLM.should have already plans and prepared watering apparatus to save the wild life,horses included, They all rely on water and help from humans. Not gatheri.g to kill. That baby with broken leg coul probably have been saved…such a young age..entirely possible. BLM your reputation is already ruined…please don’t make it worse by destroying our Wild West Heritage and our Wild Horses.

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