BLM Increases the Maximum Number of Wild Horses That Can be Adopted Per Person from 4 to 24 Per Year

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) once again makes the process of wild horse from wild lands to the doors of foreign slaughterhouses much easier.

From an MOU dated May 2018 BLM states”

Effective immediately, all facilities and state, district, and field offices must comply with the policies and guidance set forth in this IM. To increase the number of sale-eligible animals in off-range corrals open to the public, BLM’s policy is to offer animals that are 10 years or younger for adoption three times within six months from either the issuance date of this policy or the animal’s preparation date”

This increases the likelihood for placement of horses into the hands of individuals who may not have the best interest of the horses in mind. If the desired policy to offer $1,000 per horse to adopters also passes in the legislative appropriations process, the potential for earning $24,000 dollars is right there for kill buyers who will turn around and ship them off to slaughter to make even more money on them.

We don’t know of many individuals who just want to adopt 24 horses, let alone wild horses. This decision is another egregious decision in a long list of them the BLM has made recently.

We believe it’s time to call Kristin Bail, who signed this MOU and let her know:

  • This is not the management of horses, rather it is a way for BLM to attempt to get rid of wild horses that are warehouse because of their nearly 50 years of bad management practices.
  • Everyone except the government seems to be able to realize that it is much more fiscally responsible to manage wild horses on the land, with safe, dartable PZP vaccines to control population where it is needed.
  • Everyone except the government seems to be able to see the real culprit of overpopulation and rangeland overgrazing degradation is livestock.
  • ONLY the government is foolish enough to believe that commercial interest with lots of money is going to have more votes than the American people.

Contact Kristin Bail @

Phone: 202208-6731 (number may be old, there is no number listed on the BLM Directory page)
Alternate Phone: 202-208-3801 (you will have to ask for her as this is the main number for her office)
Fax: 202-208-5000

One thought on “BLM Increases the Maximum Number of Wild Horses That Can be Adopted Per Person from 4 to 24 Per Year

  1. There’s what I call nothing but a racket. And it’s all over the world.The most important thing is to save our water from companies that take advantage of our water and MOTHEREARTH.We all have to live a clean life down to earth worms. Man has taken and rapped MOTHEREARTH. WE the people need a leader that will take a great deeper look at the truth about our homelands.A hero for everything great and small. A great hero that’s a great fighter for real change for all.I Don’t know if Trump is that hero or who and when before more suffering continues. Even honeybees are disappearing. I will help stop the slaughter and cruelty of animals and people and mostly MOTHEREARTH anyway I can.May the Gods be with all for change.

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