Navajo Horses at Gray Mountain/Cameron Did NOT Die of Drought, They Died From Malicious Management for Political Purposes


Our sister organization has breaking news. Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA) has uncovered that these horses died a slow, excruciating death, all while being documented. This was done we believe under pressure from the states of Utah, New Mexico, and the U.S. government to support claims of dying wild horses due to drought, in an attempt to push their slaughter & euthanasia agenda.Cameron Chapter NN-1Cameron Chapter NN-2Cameron Chapter NN-3Cameron Chapter NN-4Cameron Chapter NN-5Cameron Chapter NN-6Cameron Chapter NN-7Cameron Chapter NN-8Cameron Chapter NN-9

5 thoughts on “Navajo Horses at Gray Mountain/Cameron Did NOT Die of Drought, They Died From Malicious Management for Political Purposes

  1. Just observing the pictures above and others that have been posted it is clear there was a deliberate push of the horses into the mud. One, 191 wild horses are in herd groups and never all go into a pond area at the same time. Herd groups take turns (and usually only go to the pond at the same time a few times a year), while one or two are receiving water the others will do what wild ones do. The youth would play, the young stallions would create stud piles and the stallions would keep their mares at distance from other stallions. All this activity would create a lot of poo on the out lining areas. The cleanliness of this ponds outer layers and the skid marks of ??. In the following video it is estimated 120 horses that just arrived at a pond large enough to allow several herds at one time. 191 in a tiny area,,,,,I do not think is natural.

  2. Why is this not a documentary for main stream television or a mini series showing then and now from old black/white photos with stories from people like Grandmother in this story. Then interview people who know about all the foals being shipped from AZ/NM after being ripped from their dam’s all over the U.S. for sale (in particular KS/MO) and being shipped without coggins, health certificates, on Saturday/Sundays when check stations are closed and if open over back roads arriving hungry, thirsty and sick with some dying reroute. Some of the so called horse hero’s who are feeding/watering are also rounding them up and these are being sold to Dennis Chavez, a known NM kill buyer. He separates and ships to Mexico and foals to U.S. The Navajo/Hopi and other reservations are buying into the drought as natural and have no idea of the underhanded continuing mass annihilation of Indigenous Peoples and all that surround them again wanting their land for what lies beneath.
    This is totally unacceptable of our very underhanded U.S. Gov’t. They take advantage of the Indigenous Peoples passive resistence and the fact they have kept them in living situations that keep them in poverty.
    The Hopi signs of end times for them is coming true and that is for you to research.

  3. “Business as USUAL”; Raped, Gut, Bombed, Steal” from Earth, and thereby destroyed it. Humans were created as ‘PARASITE’ (animal kingdom), and humans are genius at exploiting, tragically, for Earth and all living creatures, humans have thousands of destructive toxic AGENDAS in it lifecycle…Civilization is not a “Natural” ecosystem.

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