HEY…CAES…Where Ya Been?

CAES received an email just asking us where we’ve been lately. Our website was down, for too long, because of a domain provider switch. But We’re BACK…so let’s catch-up!

CAES got the notice from the Oregon Veterinary Medica Examining Board. Based on our complaint against Dr. Leon Pielstick the Board opened an investigation. We’re posting that link below for you to read.

Pielstick Complaint 2018

Here’s the Notification of Investigation


We also submitted this veterinary complaint to Burns BLM, the district office in Oregon that wanted to do these gruesome mare sterilization surgeries on pregnant wild mares. Additionally, we sent it to members of the Colorado State University IACUC members, president, and also to several other Federal Representative and Senators.

We were pleased to see that soon after we received notification of the investigation CSU withdrew from their plans to do the study with Dr. Pielstick, BLM, and the USGS. This means BLM will have to look for yet another university. In 2016 they wanted to partner with Oregon State University and that was stopped during the appeals process. There were 3 appeals filed, 2 were dismissed for lack of standing, but ours stood. Within a week of our brief detailing our reasons for appeal, the BLM asked the judges who hear cases on appeal (Interior Board for Land Appeals or IBLA) to vacate or redact their decision of record, stating they no longer wished to do the study.

This 2018 plan we believe we have stopped before we even had to take it to appeal. At a minimum, they will need to find a new university and get approval from their IACUC and then start with a new EA (Environmental Assessment) which starts the public comment period over again.

CAES is committed to NOT allowing these barbaric, antiquated and fatally dangerous surgeries to sterilize mares and abort their foals.

Here’s the order to vacate and remand we received when BLM canned the plan in 2016:
CAES 062

Next article on our catching up series will be the UT and WY gather and abuse issues we have dealt with, both are at an end, but we’d like to tell you more about these incidences and what CAES did in both cases. Stay tuned for part 2…

2 thoughts on “HEY…CAES…Where Ya Been?

  1. How could we get the BLM and our elected officials whose campaigns are in part funded by the powerful cattle industry to raise the grazing price of private cattle not remove the wild horses from their public land. I think Americans would be shocked at the fact they are paying for wealthy ranchers to graze their cattle for nothing? Also how can these deadly helicopter roundups be stopped?? There is a reason they don’t use helicopters to round up cattle?

    1. Using helicopters to round up cattle would be causing them distress!!!!!!!!!!!! Which would mean less profit for the livestock owners. There is absolutely NO concern about the distress & harm done to our wild horses and burros – none whatsosever. After all they are wild animals & its obvious our government has absolutely NO empathy or compassion there! The fact that they cant “control” wild animals appears to be a terrifying thought for these entities!

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