CAES Files Appeal Against UT BLM Muddy Creek Wild Horse Gather Plans

28 August 2018

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES) today filed an appeal with the IBLA against the UT BLM decision to gather the Muddy Creek wild horses.


CAES alleges the transfer of lands that are withdrawn for a federal land use, such as the management of wild horses, to the UT SITLA was not legal. Once these lands were designated as herd areas they are withdrawn lands, or not available to be disposed of per the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, the Federal Land Policy Management Act, and the Historic Preservation Act.
CAES also brought forth questions on the necessity of a gather when there are so few horses on such an immense piece of land. The BLM says that principle use of the lands is only permitted for wild horses in3 wild horse ranges across the country, but CAES disagrees. CAES feels the WFRHBA said that horses had principle use of the areas designated as a result of the WFRHBA in the 70’s, The BLM believes that FLPMA authorizes them to manage all these areas under multiple use mandates, but CAES pointed out that FLPMA also states that lands that are designated for a previous land use do not fall into multiple use if it is contradictory to the previous land use plan it was designated for.
The Appeal also points out inconsistencies in BLM’s number. The estimated census numbers would be a biological miracle. BLM estimates the number of wild horses in a herd by using a formula. The one they used for this census “would mean that even stallions are giving birth” according to Theresa Barbour who is the CAES Board Member representing the non-profit for this appeal.
The Muddy Creek herd is loved by many and has been the cornerstone herd of CAES, an all-volunteer, national equine welfare group. They have shared wild horse issues for many years using popular photos of horses from the Muddy Creek herd, such as the ones here. Including a very popular social media image taken by one of their photographers of the damage cattle do to the western lands and, then as CAES says… the cows don’t blame the dog…they blame the horse.

7 thoughts on “CAES Files Appeal Against UT BLM Muddy Creek Wild Horse Gather Plans

  1. Why was today’s illegal gather permitted with an appeal filed? Can you get Stumpy & his family released? None should be sold until appeal heard! What can we do now to help?

  2. I believe the slaughter and export of our wild and domestic horses and other equine animals has got to be stopped. This issue is not negotiable. Stop the slaughter, now!

  3. There is no reason to round up these or any more wild horses. They need to beable to run free on the peoples land. They do not needto be sent to slaughter. BLM have thousands of horses in jail now. Horses give back to the land cattle do not. The horses belong to the people and so does the land they are on ..leave the horses and burros alone. v

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