12 September 2018
From the BLM Daily Gather page:
“Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Summary: One hundred threee horses were gathered from the Muddy Creek HMA today. Body scores of horses were mostly 4’s with several 2’s and 3’s. There were 18 visitors at the site gather today.
Animals gathered: 104
Mares treated with fertility control: 0
Animals shipped: 104
Total Deaths Today: 1
Acute: 1
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0″
We do not know the reason one horse was shot. However, we know that the terminology “Acute” means it was a result of gather related activity. So YES BLM or their Contractors, and ultimately Rep. Stewart who did not STAY this gather, have killed one horse so far.
Our boots on the ground team heard the shot, asked for information and were denied. The response was that it would be in the gather report. You see above what was in the gather report…not enough information!

As many of you know the CAES member we work with the most on the Muddy Creek wild horse herd is Jen Howe. She has sent only one photo thus far. It was a photo that describes just how painful this is to her, and to many of us. The following photo was sent with the caption: 

CAES is pushing forward with the appeal. We do not know if we can get any of the Muddy Creek horses returned, we do know that any win, in this case, will be a win for future horses in every herd and at a minimum will be a win in the honor of the innocent, sentient beings that are being so brutally and tragically wronged by our government.

We ask you to keep calling, make your elected officials aware that you will NOT support them if they do not stop the mismanagement of our wild horses before they are all gone.


  1. The reason this can’t be stopped is because we have one government by the people for the corporations and the wealthy, remember to vote them out in November.

  2. It seem to me, no horse organizaations had managed to STOP , NOT even ONE horse roundup so far…NOT ONE in over a year, Also hearing from AWHC how some horses been in HOLDING PEN FOR 3 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that also say the effectiveness of any of your work !!!!!!!!!! but the comment manipulated viewers to think “asshole” BLM has horses in holding pen for 3 years , but don’t suggest. HEY, WHERE DONE NOTHING that was HELPFUL for the horses,.

    1. Georgie, these advocates are up against some powerful bureaucracy. the key here and what we all should thank them for is that they continue to fight for these horses. When people just sit back and complain instead of joining the fight I would suggest they say nothing at all, because they sound like fools.

  3. Why can’t this be stopped when what the BLM is doing is taking away the 104 horses to make room for more cattle to graze at tax payer expense? I’m interested why you’ve never posted one of my comments and each time I try to post you say duplicate response you’ve said that before !! I’ve wanted to send you a donation but this has made me a bit skeptical . I’ve never seen SRWR sensor comments or AWHC.

  4. Why can’t this be stopped when what the BLM is doing is taking away the 104 horses to make room for more cattle to graze at tax payer expense?

    1. Because the cattle associations own too many congressmen and senators. We have the best government money can buy.

  5. I am tired of the senseless roundups that you are doing. Nature could take care of itself for most part, once in awhile we can help too. We are tired of you rounding up our horses when does it stop for seven years I’ve been watching this and it’s probably been going on longer than that. There aren’t enough horses to take off the land now. So why you lying and selling our horses why you lying and sending them to slaughter to the Eaten in other countries they are American wild Mustangs the pride of our nation. Blood lines that have fought for this country you’re hurting the bloodlines you hurting the strong bloodlines you’re messing up what God Made Beautiful. We say no more I think we had enough of this. We Americans against is genocide on our animals must stop now.

  6. Sounds like a lawsuit, just like the pryor mt. Horses, have against the blm, for removing horses that would end the gene pool of some, judge ruled in there favor.

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