CAES Files a Stay to Stop Dangerous Experiment Tantamount to Abortions on Wild Mares

On Friday, October 12, 2018, CAES filed a 415-page Appeal and Petition for Stay with the Interior Board of Land Appeals.

CAES is asking the judges on the Board to rule in favor of their motion to stop any experiments from happening on the Warm Springs Mares while the appeal against the plan to experiment on the mares can be decided by the Board of Judges.

The Burns, Oregon BLM, along with Dr. Leon Pielstick, Dr. Julie Weikel and others have been working on this plan since they were stopped from doing these experiments in 2016.

In 2016 CAES filed appeal against this plan, and the BLM asked the Board to redact their decision of record claiming they no longer wished to do them.

Since that time there has been a concentrated effort to convince the public and unknowing members of Congress that these experiments are safe and necessary.

Jeff Rose the District Manager and Rob Sharp the Wild Horse & Burro Specialist at the BLM Burns District office conspired with Dr. Pielstick and well-known, pro-slaughter organization Protect the Harvest to circumvent the law and do the experiments.

They sold horses to the organization, they were still behaviorally wild, or ungentled, and Dr. Pielstick knew this and knew what the laws were. Whether or not the law was broken, it was certainly unethical. And BLM broke their own policy by selling to a pro-slaughter organization.

Burns BLM also sold horses knowing they were to be experimented on. That is also a very questionable, and legally questionable action as well.

Then we have Dr. Weikel, another Oregon veterinarian who has been on boards, panel discussions, and speeches to promote the experiments. All the while knowing the federal agency she had been under contract with to do these procedures on cows, was going to be joining BLM to do this. It is likely she will be involved in the experiments in Burns if they are allowed to move forward.

To make matters even more corrupt add in the lies of western Congressman like Chris Stewart:

Screenshot 2018-06-06 10.44.26

———-I love these horses….but we have to kill them.————-

And Rob Bishop


———-You will let us do horse abortions or we’ll kill them all.————–



And how do they get the science to prove that this is acceptable via veterinary practice and research standards….even though this is an antiquated, unsafe surgery done in a non-sterile environment, even admitting that unborn foals will be aborted (and stating so as if it is doesn’t matter at all)?

Well, they set up councils, working groups, and advisory boards who will be their puppets. Then they get special interest groups to sit on those boards and support what they want, oh and lets also not forget their wives, cousins, brothers, and work associates, some with absolutely no credentials to write fake reports or studies that might seem to support their agenda.

After digging in and combing through nearly 30 pages of references listed by the Burns BLM in their Environmental Assessment and supporting documents, we provided assessments of many of those studies and reports. We noticed that there are a few names that were common throughout and that the 2 studies the BLM used the most as the foundation of support for these experiments are not written by credentialled scientists, one just written by 2 people who worked for the agency where Pielstick did the experiments before. Pielstick himself has never provided on written Piece of paper on any of the prior procedures he has done.

Earlier in the year, CAES filed a complaint against Pielstick with the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board who opened an investigation. But this whole thing reeks of collusion and we believe even rises to a conspiracy against the American people.

We’ll update you as the case moves forward. For now, we just hope the IBLA can see through these shenanigans and not allow more innocent, sentient beings fall prey to the sick minds of humans.




10 thoughts on “CAES Files a Stay to Stop Dangerous Experiment Tantamount to Abortions on Wild Mares

  1. Well, I got an answer from the Oregon VeterinaryMed.Board: Apparently, “within the minimum standards” is good enough for them!

    Lori Makinen
    Today, 1:14 PM
    Ms. Frazier:

    The Board reviewed this case and found the licensee’s conduct to be within the minimum standards of the Veterinary Practice Act. This the only information I am permitted to disclose under ORS 676.

    Thank you.


    Lori Makinen, Executive Director

    Oregon Veterinary Board

    800 NE Oregon St., Ste. 407

    Portland, OR 97232


    From: Maggie Frazier
    Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2018 9:49 AM
    To: Lori Makinen
    Subject: Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board

    Ms. Makenen,

    You are listed as the contact person in regard to the October 6, 2018 Board Meeting.

    I emailed the Board a request about 2 weeks ago regarding the complaint registered

    against Dr. Leon Pielstick, a former member of this Board.

    This complaint was dated 7/30/18, a reply was received by CAES(Citizens against Equine

    Slaughter) on 7/31/18.

    At this present time Dr. Pielstick and the Oregon BLM continues to go forward with their plan

    to surgically spay wild mares in the state of Oregon. Considering the use of this unusual

    (to say the least) method of birth control in a wild (or domestic) horse – and the fact that not one,

    but two, universities have backed out of this experimental “research” – it seems that a state

    veterinary medical examining board might possibly have looked further into this

    complaint – since this is taking place in the State of Oregon.

    The question of exactly how humane this procedure is and how productive it would be, if

    it were to be used in spaying a large number of WILD horses, and the answer certainly is obvious –

    very questionable!

    The fact that this very veterinarian has claimed to be responsible for a number of wild mares

    being spayed at the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge (before the herd was zeroed out) and no study

    or research was done – where is the actual proof that this experimental “research” is worth

    doing? The idea that any research done here will be informative as to how the herd dynamics

    work? After wild animals are rounded up & mares put in a squeeze chute – and someone

    puts a tool inside their bodies & removes their ovaries – possibly causes an abortion if they

    are pregnant – then kept for possibly 48(?) hours – all done in a NON-STERILE area at the

    BLM Burns corrals – does this really sound like a procedure done by an ACCREDITED

    veterinarian under a “research” study?

    Every accredited veterinarian who has spoken up in regard to this has been amazed that

    this would be attempted in a non-sterile area with NO followup – the fact is this procedure

    is not done casually to a domestic mare and certainly not as birth control!

    I believe this whole situation deserves a thorough investigation and the public – the people

    who care about our wild horses certainly deserve a public answer.

    Thank you

    Maggie Frazier

    134 Dunbar Rd

    Windsor, NY 13865


    1. Hi Maggie and yes thank you for posting this. We got this response from the OVMEB the day we filed the lawsuit to stop the experiments. The timing of their reply is certainly also very questionable as we received it the day of the deadline to file an appeal against the spay experiments. It seems apparent that the OVMEB was not able to be impartial in their investigation and subsequent decision. We are going to look into further legal avenues.

      1. Good luck with going further – Certainly does not speak well of this board that they are content with only minimum standards, right? If thats their goal – doesnt say much for standards of practice in the state of Oregon! I would expect a higher standard.

  2. I agree quit the roundups and if need spend the money on food and water only if neccary on the range im sure it would be cheaper than rounding them up ,they pay million to the helicopter to round them up. They dont spend much on them in holding. They suffer in holding, no shelter to many per pen, have to stand in mud all day and night thats abuse. Leave them one the range. Doing abortions on them is horrible

  3. What happened to just obeying the Laws, Acts, Rules that are already in place? Our country has become lawless and it is starting at the top.

  4. God is watching.

    “Horses are one of God’s most noble creatures.”

    We wouldn’t be as far along as we are without them we’d still be huffing it!

    They all deserve to have a happy life and relaxing retirement.

    So laws say we can’t feed the beard or help feed starving polar bears or intervene with nature when it would actually be a kind gesture to do so, and a lot of their suffering is from our lack of care to their habitat …but’s its okay to slaughter wild horses or interfere with their breeding… why do humans think they are entitled to do whatever they please to Creatures of God… do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Others is a noun=person place or thing/animal =
    dog/ horse etc…

    1. We could not agree more with you. Man has created an unnatural habitat, so to say that we must remove wildlife because we screwed up that habitat is yet another harm we do. It would be a more moral and ethical decision to provide water or forage we there is none. We believe that is what not only is morally correct but also what is mandated by law to preserve and protect our wild horses. The BLM must stop managing for extinction and start managing them on the range. If the habitat will not sustain a healthy population then fix it.

  5. Thank you for pursuing trying to stop this brutality against our wild horses! Praying for a positive outcome from this lawsuit and the pursuit of these brutal sterilization methods will be stopped.

  6. I emailed the Oregon Veterinary Medical Board a couple weeks ago in regard to the complaint against Dr. Pielstick – have heard nothing.
    Today I emailed the contact person from the Board’s October Meeting.
    Dont know if it will do any good but certainly worth a try.

  7. Stop equine slaughter!, or transport to slaughter. it’s not our right to take life. Learn to cohabitate and learn to love and share what we have. 💞🐎🌻🦋🌲💕🕊

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