Muddy Creek Appeal – and an Explanation of the IBLA Appeals Process

CAES Files Next Round with the Interior Board for Land Appeals. on the Muddy Creek Wild Horse Gather and Removals.

Allegations include: illegal transfer of withdrawn lands to SITLA, animal cruelty, torture, neglect, fraud, failure to follow proper procedures, inadequate, possibly intentional lack of transparency and FOIA requests, and much more.

©CAES 2018 October 31, Val Cecama-Hogsett

2018-10-27 (10)

Ok so, we announced a while back that we filed an appeal on the Muddy Creek gather in UT. For those who don’t know the process when you file the appeal, against a BLM action or Decision of Record, you file a document called the Notice of Appeal, and that might also include a Petition of Stay (like an injunction filed in court to stop something from happening while the case is being heard).

After that is filed there may be some response from BLM that we file a reaction to, but the next major step in the appeal case is called the Reason for Appeal. This is the bulk or meat of the appeal. All the reasons you feel BLM acted in error, or against the law etc.

So today we filed that Reason for Appeal brief….and BLM is likely to respond to it, which means it is likely we will have one more round of documents to go to court which will be our reaction to whatever they respond with.

Other actions in this particular case that have been noteworthy have been that BLM timed the Decision of Record just perfect so that they could begin the gather before the time period to appeal had expired. So sadly our due process was stolen and horses were gathered. However, we now know about this statute that we were not aware of that allows BLM to use the phrase “Effective Upon Issuance” to usurp the appeals deadline. And we will be ready for and watching for that tactic from here on out in all other actions BLM takes.

Read the entire brief here:  Muddy Creek Reason for Appeal 2018

6 thoughts on “Muddy Creek Appeal – and an Explanation of the IBLA Appeals Process

  1. God bless and save our wild horses. God have mercy and save both our wild and domestic horses from slaughter, from being used in Mexican rodeos (being roped, being gored, dying slow horrifying, painful deaths) and from being labelled livestock and becoming another product of big Ag. Horses have served us well and deserve the love and respect that most people are willing to give them.

    1. I am SO thankful for your hard work and determination to make permanent changes; GOD BLESS you and give you the strategies you need for success!

  2. Thank you Frances and Rebecca, thank you for the explanation of this situation in legal terms.
    Thank you for your diligence and for your dedication.
    I will bring these points in prayer to petition Creator for Defense of, Rescue, and Protection of our wild burros and horses..
    We, as citizens of this nation have the right to demand change from The HIGHEST Court”….
    for Justice, Vindication and Restoration!

  3. As has been the case for several years , the BLM and its parent horror , the Department of the Interior has done its best to DESTROY every mustang and burro on OUR PUBLIC LANDS . This is being done to accommodate the 1% ranchers in several states-to allow the sale and use by oil, gas, and coal companies. All of this is totally AGAINST FEDERAL ,STATE, AND MANY LOCAL LAWS. The BLM is doing this with great cruelty and deliberate danger to the wild horses and burros. They ARE DELIBERATELY RUNNING THE HERDS TO THEIR DEATHS. THEN THEY SELL THE REST OFF TO THE KILLERS FOR MEAT. In essence , we the people are paying these so called “employees” of our so called “government” to murder as many horses as possible. plus , the “payola” from the various lobbys -oil, gas, and coal to expedite this nightmare. REMEMBER – THIS IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAW- but with our corrupt administration, NOTHING is being done. I , as a citizen of this country and a taxpayer, demand the BLM and the Dept of the Interior be held TOTALLY accountable for this MAJOR VIOLATION OF THE LAW. Further, I request that any and all of those who were a part of this horror be suspended WITHOUT PAY until this TOTALLY settled . This mass slaughter of our living history is an insult to any REAL AMERICANS that can use their brains to understand the scum that are destroying our country from WITHIN !!!!

  4. Of course they know all the angles and loopholes. So wrong!
    Keep trying. We are behind you all the way. Thank you for all you do to save our wild ones from having their freedom taken away.

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