Update on Congress’s (BLM) Spay Experimentation on Wild Mares


BREAKING NEWS: Update on Congress’s SPAY Experimentation on Wild Mares.
Yesterday, a consortium of Groups who filed a lawsuit to WATCH the illegal Spay experimentation on conscious pregnant wild mares, announced that they had “WON” “VICTORY“. 
However, in a motion filed today by these same groups (Kathrens et. al.), an attempt was made to preserve the group’s so far, verbal temporary stay.
In the group’s motion, the following statement was made:
 “. . . BLM has not in fact actually vacated the challenged decision, nor even provided any definitive time frame in which it will do so.”
In their 2016 case to WATCH the BLM’s Spay experimentation the following was stipulated (understood and agreed to) by both parties.
          “. . . Once a Decision Record has been appealed to the IBLA, BLM loses jurisdiction over the Decision Record. . .  “
          “(if a timely notice of appeal is properly filed, the office issuing the decision loses jurisdiction over the case and has no further authority to take any action on the subject matter of the appeal until jurisdiction over it is restored by Board action disposing of the appeal) . . .”
Hence, the BLM Decision of Record IS still operative, until the  BLM asks the IBLA for a vacate and remand order in our CAES appeal and it is granted.
CAES is still working hard on the Appeal with our next brief due to the IBLA in coming days.
We will continue to celebrate whenever and however these illegal torture experiments are actually ended. When and If the IBLA does indeed actually cancel these illegal experiments, we will let you know!