Christmas Miracle is Needed for Monero Mustangs

Please Sponsor a Monero Mustang Today. 48243143_218625292250195_7944448312180998144_n

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter has partnered with many good organizations and sanctuaries for wild and domestic horses. Monero Mustangs is a 501c3 in New Mexico with mustangs that were removed from the Carson National Forest by US Forestry Service. Monero Mustang needs your help to get through the winter with the 36 horses they currently have.

When the Forestry Service started a gather of the horses in the Carson National Forest our sister organization Wild Horse Observers Association was able to step in and stop the helicopters and bring a halt to the gather, but the Forest Service was not required to return the horses they had already gathered.

Monero Mustangs stepped up and rescued the wild horses from going to slaughter. Now, they need us to help get them through the winter with feed and hay bills. This continuing need is something that happens when horses are removed from the wild and have to go to sanctuary to keep their lives. But, if they are going to be in sanctuary Monero is the best of the best, which one 31-year-old gal can tell you!

This is La Vieja (Grandmother) and she sure doesn’t look her age. The great people at Monero are so diligent about the care they provide for these horses and La Vieja is only one of many seniors at the sanctuary.

La Vieja grandmother
The picture was taken December 12, 2018. La Vieja who will be 32 this spring.

To sponsor a Monero Mustang means that you are providing the essential feed and vet care for a specific horse at the sanctuary for only $50 a month. You will receive a certificate with your horse’s photo and you will get updates about your horse and the sanctuary throughout the year.

We suggest that if you cannot afford the whole sponsorship monthly you find a partner, ask another to split the sponsorship with you and just let Monero Mustang know who your partner is so both of you get a certificate for your horse!

At this time of year we all are worried about finances, and getting our family a trinket or 2, but maybe you have a special relative who would love to have a wild mustang sponsored in their name…? Most of all we hope that everyone who supports CAES and our work will strive to sponsor one horse, find 12 people who would each make one month donation and donate the care for that horse for the year…just give Monero and these mustangs that critical help they need to make their holiday season one that they can enjoy not going to bed worried about how they will manage the hay bills next month.

We know our loyal supporters can do this… and because this is our holiday wish we are going to update this post everytime one of the 36 horses has been sponsored for the year! Good luck to all of us and let’s get it done!!

CAES and another non-profit have sponsored the first horse for Monero. Merry Christmas La Vieja, may your 2019 be as wonderful as the past 31 years!


To make your donation go to Paypal and type in and please leave us a comment and tell us your name or the names of all in the group who are sponsoring a Monero mustang for 2019.


You can also find Monero Mustangs on Facebook at


One thought on “Christmas Miracle is Needed for Monero Mustangs

  1. Patience, Is there an address to mail checks to? I’m not bigbon PayPal but want to send something & will try to spread the word.  Do you happen to have this post in fornat so we can tweet it? You are doing grear work! Im sorry I  have been missing but my kidneys are going into complete failure so I’m  struggling…but I call on wild horses almost weekly & pitch you & Val to anyone that will listen…lolHappy holidays & I will get some money to this mustang rescue. Lastly,  I keep suggesting to Congress to create sanctuary in New Mexico or Arizona & build a hotel and/or with RV hook ups so tourist can come to view wild horses running free…I saw it only once in my life on Navajo Reservation & was one of the most momentous moments of my life as I felt the earth rumble & saw the cloud of dust.  I would pay big money to see that again & TOURISM dollars would pay for the sanctuary or sanctuaries. New Mexico heas of BLM said he agreed but had no means to locate land to make it happen? I saw lady offering her 300k acres one time? Add a hotel & tourist we could win their freedom? Just my idea but I’m too ill to bring to reality…but if you kjow where land is I will help pitch to raise funds or seek investors? I tell my Congress members “don’t worry about saving me w my insurance woes…just save the wild horses that are symbols of American freedom as we are battling to PROTECT USA democracy.  Im always here by phone if you need me. Cecilia Maida Paws Across America Advocacy Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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