Mustangs at Kill-pens

Are there really more mustangs (wild horses) at kill pen lots now than in years before?



Mustangs have ALWAYS shipped to slaughter. The thing people do not realize is that 1. once a mustang is adopted, the title of ownership goes to the adopter after a year, many people ship their mustangs off after that year because they were not able to handle them. It takes a very experienced person to handle and tame a wild horse. 2. the majority of wild horses are sold as ‘sale authority’ having been offered for and passed up for adoption 3 times. Sale authority means the horse is sold, a title given right then. 3. once a horses title is given to the owner, right then or after a year, the horse is no longer federally protected and the vast majority go to slaughter.

So why does it seem that so many more are being seen in kill pens now…
– – – The ‘businessmen’ who run the kill pen discovered that there is a huge market in promoting that they have these mustangs…they found out what a large group of advocates mustangs have, and how ridiculously high of a bail price they would pay. So now the plan to rescue mustangs has backfired so badly because of people who bail them from these kill buyers that it has caused them to seek out mustangs! They have ALWAYS shipped to slaughter, but people who bail or buy from a kill pen are causing MORE to be purchased by kill-buyers.

What then is the solution. 1. NEVER buy from a kill pen. Get your horse rescued at auction, or at the BLM adoption events, or go buy one from a holding pen. 2. Fight to end slaughter or shipping to slaughter from this country. (Get the SAFE Act passed) 3. Fight to enforce the protections afforded wild horses in 1971 by forcing BLM and Forest Service to manage our wild horses ‘On the Range’ they have the tools to do it, but refusing to use the tools and claiming they do not work at the same time seems to satisfy a completely ignorant Congress and WE need to remind them who they work for and what WE want.

Fight for ON Range Management and an end to slaughter.

2 thoughts on “Mustangs at Kill-pens

  1. I dont think there should be a horse slaughter period!!!! No horse deserves to be slaughtered just because some idoit got one amd doesnt know what to do with it. Stop all horse slaughter.

  2. I was active in helping to pass the Wild Horse and Burrow Act of 1971. In 1999 I bought a Reg. Appaloosa and subscribed to their monthly magazine. I was so surprised to read that members of the Appaloosa all were “for slaughter of horses”. I dropped the magazine subscription. Then, I would say about 5 years ago, the Governor of Oklahoma (a woman), signed a bill into legislation that OK was able to breed and raise horses for the sole purpose of slaughter. The reason was that the beef cattle had dwindled down to next to nothing. Then, I learned since 1946 of the Premarin/Prempro PMU farms that use pregnant mare’s urine for HRT management in women. Problems caused them to stop in late 1999 (caused breast cancer). Now, they still exist for Premarin Vaginal cream for sexual gratification. Barron mares and all foal are sent off to auction/kill pens. I saw 40 rescued in NH. The Thoroughbred foals are sent to NY if their mothers refuse to feed them. The mares that replace the TBs foals have their own foals removed and sent to slaughter. It is all so overwhelming. So many horse lovers or so-called ‘lovers’ just do not care about horses. I thought the Mustangs and burros were safe after all the work we had done in the 70s. Myself, I believe if horses and other animals are not bred and born, they cannot suffer. Just my 2 cents after learning so much.

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