AZ Congressman O’Halleran Speaks Up for the Heber Wild Horses

Heber Wild Horses Freedom Preservation Alliance, the Citizens Against Equine Slaughter AZ branch have been in contact with Congressman Grijalva and O’Halleran since the situation escalated in mid-January. The Forest Service was on furlough, the Law enforcement person for that area was said to be investigating even though he was on furlough, and the local Navajo County was referring us to the Forest Service. We were so worried not only about the horses but also for people as these shootings were happening near a major road and buildings.

After the Forest Service refused to return calls from CAES and was not collecting evidence or doing necropsies we felt that the investigation was not really being considered a priority as the shootings in October were still unresolved.

Thankfully Congressman O’Halleran has stepped up to the plate for the Heber wild horses, our public lands, and all of you who own these land and wild horses on them.


Please use and send a thank you to Congressman O’Halleran!