Forest Service Makes an Anonymous Call to Our Tipline Number

Weeks after asking Forest Service Law Enforcement to call us and retrieve the information we got on our tip line, Forest Service Law Enforcement from a different county calls us, from a blocked number…and then asks us to call a national 800 hotline to give them information!


Too late we turned it over to the FBI and will let them do your job Forest Service. We don’t even know if it was really you who called and we sure are not going to be so irresponsible as to call some 800 number and give any information that could possibly have some identifying information to expose any person of a community that is under siege by thugs.


This was the letter we sent to the FBI and Congressional members O’Halleran and Grijalva in response:

This letter is to inform you all that after having turned over my declaration with all of the information we received on our tip line for people to call about shooting of horses from the Heber Wild horse herd in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, I received a phone call from a blocked number. 

I was not able to take the call and the caller left a voicemail claiming to be Andy Peterson from the Forest Service Law Enforcement…”

“Mr. Peterson, if it was, in fact, him, did not leave a contact number or email for himself but instead left an 800 number for me to call to turn over the tips we have.

This 800 number is the number that the Navajo County Sheriff has posted as their We Tip line, however, we feel that is a very inappropriate suggestion. This information we received is highly sensitive, we do not know who is on the receiving end of the information turned over to that 800 number, and we feel information must be delivered to sworn law enforcement, which is why I provided you at the Phoenix FBI me declaration with all the information we received from those calls.

With the high level of public safety concern and all the illegal activity of not only horse shootings, but shooting near roads and buildings, wild horse theft ring, and possible collusion with the local Forest Service personnel we are again asking that an outside agency is brought in to handle this investigation.

WHY would a Forest Service Law Enforcement person from a different county call me and not Mr. Lopez, the ranger for that are who is the “lead” investigator be calling me, why from a blocked phone number, and why would they refer me to a national tip line?

We also know that 800 number has received no tips per the Navajo County Sheriff Department, and that is a clear indicator to us (after receiving more than 3 dozen tips on ours) that the community does not trust, or is afraid of the local law enforcement. 

There is a bad situation out there and it has got to be stopped. “

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