BLM Decides NOT to Release All the Horses Promised in Oregon

BLM Doesn’t Get Their Way and Warm Springs Horses From Oregon Suffer for it.

Feb.15, 2019

In 2018 we filed legal action to stop the BLM in Oregon from performing brutal, archaic sterilization experiments on pregnant mares. The BLM, after receiving our legal arguments against their plans, and after we got the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board to investigate the lead veterinarian who wishes to do these procedures, Burns BLM in Oregon canceled their plans to do them.

One declaration written by Burn’s BLM Rob Sharp to the court stated that if BLM was not able to do the experiments they would not release all 200 horses, which was what the approved plan stated. We called this emotional blackmail then, and after bringing this up on the BLM Facebook page for their wild horse and burro program…just the next day…BLM loads online a new proposed plan to return less than half what was approved in the previous APPROVED plan.

“Despite the DR being vacated, the conditions that caused the BLM to determine that approximately 652 animals were excess and needed to be removed from the range remain present and necessitate the current decision. To that end, this determination of NEPA adequacy (DNA) assesses whether the 2018 EA adequately analyzed the environmental impact of permanently removing wild horses and burros from the Warm Springs HMA, the proposed return of horses to low appropriate management level (AML) for the HMA, and the treatment of mares to be returned to the HMA with porcine zona pellucida (PZP). This DNA in no part replaces or relies on the 2018 DR, which was vacated in its entirety.”


BLM — you removed “850 or so” stating “only 652-ish” are to be permanently removed.  The following email communication was received by CAES through a FOIA request. Note the author is BLM Public Affairs Specialist Tara Thissell.

Thissell emails 1

According to the gather reports from Sun J, the contractor who did the gather…846 horses were gathered, and of those only 813 made it to holding because of the horses that were killed or euthanized (and one lucky one that got away)

Per the new BLM proposal they will only leave a total of 96 horses and 15 burros (the low end of the AML for the Warm  Springs HMA. The reason they claimed an emergency to gather the HMA before any appeals on the gather were heard was deteriorating range conditions…which we also challenged because they had known about, and had been hauling water for months.

Despite the range being able to support the release of 200 of the gathered horses then (to do their study), they now claim that it can only support to the low end of the AML.

“The AML for the Warm Springs HMA is 96 to 178 horses and 15 to 24 burros. The number of animals gathered combined with the estimated 30 horses and 30 burros remaining on the range indicates that there are approximately 779 excess horses (plus 2 mules) and 56 excess burros above the low end of the respective AMLs.”

BLM tries to say…mares released would have been spayed so we would be releasing mares that can reproduce and add to the population which was not part of the original plan. When in reality only 28 – 34 of the 200 released would have been spayed mares, and BLM states in the new plan that they are
So let’s recap…

BLM removes 850-ish

SunJ Contractor who did gather says 889 removed – 846 horses, 43 burros. However, only 813 of those horses were shipped to BLM holding because one got away and 33 were killed

Plans to experiment on some of the 200 they say they will put back on the land

BLM stomps feet and says in court documents if we can’t do the experiments we refuse to let all the horses we said we’d release go back on the range

BLM claims 850 or so were gathered

BLM claims 652 were “excess”

BLM can’t do experiments

BLM claims really 779 +2 +56 (horses mules and burros which were all added together in the number of animals gathered in 2018) are excess now…837 excess animals

BLM Plans to return 66 horses instead of the 200 approved in the proposed plan, and according to their estimate that there were also 30 burros left after the gather which is over AML so none will be returned.

And what is their justification…” the conditions …remain present and necessitate the current decision.” The conditions that were such that 200 horses would be returned?

Go to this link:


Tell BLM that when conditions remain the same…they have no justification for putting less than half the planned horses back out on the Warm Springs HMA. There was range to support 200 for a study, and they admit conditions remain present, not worse, therefore there is range to support returning 200.


6 thoughts on “BLM Decides NOT to Release All the Horses Promised in Oregon

  1. Warm Springs 475,460¬†HMA acres ….. AML pre-roundup was set at 111-202 …. That equates to one wild horse per 4283 acres…… AML’s in HMA’s are many times set at 2000-3000 acres per wild horse…..
    “Over AML” does not mean overpopulated……
    AML in almost every HMA does mean below genetic viability and the end of wild herds as we know them.

    1. We agree with you Cheryl, and the public comment period on their new release plan is open until March 17. We are bringing up the apparent genetic issues that were evident in their final gather report of this herd. To release only 66 is irresponsible and clearly NOT managing for the health of this herd. We intend to stay on top of this one!

  2. LIARS, LIARS…..PANTS ON FIRE!!!! CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF BEING LIARS…ONLY PROBLEM…Any new sheriff coming to town..IS MOST LIKELY TO BE THE SAME AS THE OLD LIARS and CROOKED TO THE CORE sheriffs and staff!!! These cruel people are evil doers using their positions to MURDER AND HURT THESE INNOCENT WILD BEAUTIFUL SOULS. I Do believe God has a place in hell for each of these people ..if they believe in God..WATCH OUT FOR HIS FURY IS COMING FOR YOU and you won’t even know it until it is too late..

  3. I’m was born and raised in Oregon and on vacations we as a family would go see the wild horses….it was truly awesome…

    I’m sick and tired of this group called BLM and Forestry folks…rounding up. ..shipping off My wild horses and burros…furthermore during the droughts during the summer months…neither of these two groups did NOTHING to make sure they got water….

    Why are you still working as BLM???? Your obviously NOT in their best interest…..
    I’ve seen how you round them up….by running F oals till their hooves are gone…run pregnant mares while their having their foals…or chasing a pregnant mare till she breaks her leg…..

    That’s NOT managing…..thats delebrate murder…why??? Because your a cattlemen….and you hate MY horses ….your like the fox in the chicken coop…..
    Either start doing your job Humanely….or get out…or I will help you…..thats a promise!
    Have a good day,

  4. Commented – doubt there will be any notice taken of mine or others comments – as usual. Hopefully with the new “sheriffs” in town – there might be a tiny possibility that some oversight will happen. We will see. I do think more people are aware than before – but this disastrous “management” needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

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