10 March 2019

CAES & Coyote Canyon Caballos d’Anza Orgs. Respond to AWHC & Their Handling of the Situation of the Modoc Wild Horses



As the organization that clearly brings in the most money in the name of being advocates FOR our wild horses we are asking that you listen to the will of the advocacy and represent us…otherwise aren’t you acting like the same government that will not hear our wishes for our wild horses in the first place?
Dear AWHC:

We are asking you to stop working with the BLM and FS and in apparent mover that are not in the best interest of the horses and sanitize government actions. The most recent of which is the issue with the Forest Service and the wild horses of the Modoc National Forest. There is law that forbids abdication of management of these federally protected wild horses.

Most recently we are responding to your article:
Recently we have asked you to do more than document gathers, we have asked you to report crimes and file court injunctions where you see animal cruelty and abuse happening.
Recently we pointed out that you gave zero credit to Citizens Against Equine Slaughter for work to stop the mare sterilizations in Oregon and that you celebrated BLM putting back 66 of nearly 850 horses removed when BLM asked the judges, in our case, to allow them to vacate plans to do experiments.
Recently we asked you to promote the small groups, promote us, empower us by posting/using our petition to stop euthanasia. asking the government not to allow our wild horses to be killed. You only use the word slaughter, which you are smart enough to know are 2 distinctly different things when it comes to speaking with lawmakers and getting bills passed.

Now in this case with the horses in the Modoc National Forest in California…we are asking that you use the millions of dollars you collect from the public and from the government to do what is right. Use the laws that exist to protect these horses.

It is important to note that the previous CA Wild Horse and Burro Manager Tom Pogacnik stated that the BLM Solicitor determined that BLM could not abdicate jurisdiction over the horses to another agency.

Kathleen Hayden, a co-founder of Coyote Canyon Caballos d’Anza Inc. stated, “In our case, it was the Coyote Canyon Herd and Herd Area that BLM transferred to CA Anza Borrego Desert state parks.”
This is applicable to any transfer that USFS may attempt in a transfer to another entity.
IS AWHC going to file to stop this flagrant violation of the law?
In Mar of 2016, re: fossil evidence
Karen Miner, Environmental Program Manager, stated:
“When and if available scientific information convinces the experts that determine the checklist of native species to North America that Equus caballus should be considered as an indigenous species, they will make the change in the next revision to the list, and then we would take that fact into consideration for inclusion on our state animal lists.”
We are asking AWHC to:
  • campaign to add wild horses to the inventory of native species,
  • get them listed under Ca Endangered Species Act 
  • fight to stop inhumane roundups
  • fight for increased AMLs to maintain genetically viable herds which retains their unique genetics in different pockets of the west
  • openly oppose the 10-year plan to reduce herds to AML
  • openly oppose plans to put wild horses in pastures or sanctuaries

Until you do this your organization is not using the most powerful tools in the box.

The most important SUPREME COURT case law, Kleppe v New Mexico opinion delivered by Marshall Thurgood identified the wildlife status and ordered the return to public lands. And in WHOANM v NM Livestock Board where the judges ruling confirmed our wild horses are not only wildlife but are “NATIVE” wildlife. 
The most recent DNA findings confirmed the native status, AND there is a plethora of sufficient data that distinguishes wild from domesticated behavior. That difference appeared to be disputed by USFWS for denying The Cloud Foundation’s petition to list.
In CA the path is clear, and the time is ripe.

To our readers:

If you agree and would like AWHC to start using their funding for the points we have posted about please contact their director, Suzanne Roy at

or send your comments to us via the form below and we will forward them to AWHC.

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