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Citizens Against Equine Slaughter – Action Update

Muddy Creek Herd, Utah and More


As the public face of CAES when I am out of commission for whatever reason the news we post is also out of commission in large part. So here’s a quick update…

Muddy Creek, UT –

Today we filed the latest round of paperwork in the courts. This case has been ongoing since the spring of 2018. BLM illegally gathered this herd and left less than the number of horses it was supposed to leave on the land. The BLM after a gather typically leaves the number of horses on the range that meets the low-end of the Appropriate Management Level (AML). In this case, they illegally left significantly fewer horses and that is a violation of the law. There are many other issues we are fighting in this case. Those include but are not limited to legal issues pertaining to tiered management, arbitrary AMLs, illegal delineation of land use, multiple use violations, violations of NEPA (not allowing legally permissible public involvement), and so much more.

We expect this to be the last round of paperwork in the case, and it should now be in the hands of the judges to read all the case law and arguments provided by both sides and make their decisions.

Heber, AZ

We still have no word from Forest Service on the multiple shootings of wild horses in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The situation hit a climax in January of 2019 when more than a dozen horses were shot on what we believe to be one evening.

Caes opened an anonymous tip line for people to call, feeling that people might feel safer not calling the local law enforcement or Forest Service Personnel. We received more than 3 dozen tips, and we still have information trickling in.

The tips led to the identification of several individuals alleged to be stealing horses from the forest and 2 believed to be involved in the shooting death of the horses in January.

The Forest Service has not been returning phone calls from our national office to retrieve information collected, so we took it to the Phoenix FBI, and Congressmen Grijalva and O’Halleran.

Both Congressman has been very interested and involved in attempting to right this situation and bring justice to those who committed these federal crimes.

Warm Springs, OR

We fought Burns, Oregon BLM on proposed plans to sterilize wild mares, performing outdated and unsafe surgical procedures. Both times the BLM asked the courts to vacate and remand their plans to do the experiments during our cases. This time however the BLM had already gathered a herd of horses to do the procedures and because they were not able to do the experiments, announced they are going to release less than half the horses they agreed to release prior to this.

We filed our public comments on the issue and intend to follow up with legal action if they issue a final decision to release so few horses.

The notice also gave a list of conditions that might delay the release of the horses, and in a previous article, we explained that the list basically said that from January to December there are conditions that may prevent release and that BLM made excuses not to release, pregnant, non-pregnant, stallion or young horses. So…we asked in our public comments exactly what horses then qualify for release and when. BLM clearly has no intention of releasing any horses back to the Warm Springs HMA.

Daily work – –

We are also closely following the federal budget talks, and proposed amendments. After starting a 501c4 in addition to our existing 501c3 CAES is now not only a non-profit corporation but we can also get involved in actively campaigning for political candidates that are working FOR the people, the wildlife, the habitats, and to bring an end to slaughter and transport to slaughter.

To become a member and add your voice to our fight please fill out the form attached, and make a one time $20 donation. We do not add you to an email list, we will not ask for a renewal of fees, we simply count your voice in our membership when we take the fight to the lawmakers!