Making Deals…or FOLLOWING LAWS

We say make the BLM follow the existing laws that are there to protect our wild horses. When it comes to following a law there is no compromise unless you get in bed with the enemy.
2019-04-23 (2)

We have had an overwhelming number of calls and messages about this deal. RTF and several others are agreeing to what will be an extinction plan for our wild horses. We have long asked people to do their research and look at long term results that have been gained by organizations. When you hear words like ‘deal’ or ‘compromise’ you must do your research.

CAES does not agree with this plan to manage our wild horses. We believe that there are laws that are being broken and have been twisted to the advantage of the “stakeholders” that made this deal with the BLM. We are in court fighting for those things right now.
The management plan should be to return lands that have been illegally taken from the wild horses & burros through labeling and the misuse of FLPMA.
When BLM first mapped out areas where wild horses and burros were in 1971 these areas were called Herd Areas, or HAs. They were clearly to be managed ‘principally for wild horses. Then a few years later the Federal Land Policy Management Act was passed saying that public lands had to be managed for multiple uses (livestock, oil & mining, etc. along with wildlife and recreational uses). However, what BLM illegally does is ignore the little statement in FLPMA that says that it doesn’t apply where there was a prior land use policy. And there is a court case that clarified that the wild horses & burros act was a land use policy.
Once lands are given back to the herds, and the herds are not managed in these smaller areas, BLM created and called Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and they are managed principally for wild horses and burros there will be no more illusion of overpopulation.
When BLM allows horses the use of approximately 12% of the original forage and waters that were allocated on the original HAs we see clearly how they have written a story of overpopulation. It’s up to you, the owners of these horses to decide where to put your support, but we are making NO deals, we want the BLM to follow the laws.

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    Mesa Verde denies access to horse roundup

    Access to federal government actions is a First Amendment right, court says
    By Jim Mimiaga Journal Staff Writer
    Monday, April 29, 2019

    Park Superintendent Cliff Spencer banned media coverage of the roundup in an email April 24

    “If a government agency restricts public access, the media’s only recourse is the court system,” the appeals court said. “The free press is the guardian of the public interest, and the independent judiciary is the guardian of the free press. Thus, courts have a duty to conduct a thorough and searching review of any attempt to restrict public access.”

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