Black Mountain Burros Need You Now

Can They Be Saved for Future Generations?

We’ve done our part and now it’s up to you!

Invasive Burros - Death Valley National Park (U.S. National Park ...
Photo Courtesy of the National Park Service

Yesterday we submitted an extensive list of issues we have with the current plan to wipe out 77% of the Black Mountain wild burro herd in AZ. The plan calls for 10 years of management to control the population of the herd which is now at an estimated 2200 burros.

The Bureau of Land Management has the population level, or AML, set at just 478 burros for 1.1 million acres. The management plan allowed for public comments to be submitted until yesterday. Now we wait for their final decision. They have never just changed their mind and canceled plans, so the next step is likely to take them to court. Which is something CAES frequently has done with BLM and the Forest Service over their poor management of our country’s federally protected wild horses and burros

This is the larget population of burros in the country, and they are already very spread out. A depletion like this of the genetics will render the herd too small to be genetically viable and there will eventually be a die-off of the species in the wild.

And BLM is making this and every new management plan for wild horses and/or burros a 10-year plan to remove animals any time they feel they are over excess population, with no public notice, which means we have no idea where or when they will be gathering animals, we have no right to comment on future gathers, and we will have no notice to be there to observe and make sure the animals are handled humanely during the gathers.

You can help by signing the petition to save the herd. Tell the BLM that you do not approve of burros being removed at these numbers. Tell them they cannot make 10-year plans, and leave you out of the public process protected by NEPA. They cannot give every other use of our public lands priority over the burros, which are supposed to have principle use on their own designated lands.

Please sign the form below to add your voice. It will help when this goes to court, you’ll be going with us!