The Truth About Heber

The Typical Warfare of Advocacy

This is What Happens Routinely When Special Interests, Government, and Inserted Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Are in Place to Battle an Advocacy.

Below you will find our response to a recent attack on our advocacy for the Heber Wild Horses.

CAES Response to Department of Justice Nixon Complaint against Citizens Against Equine Slaughter:


Ms. Betty Nixon of Navajo County, Arizona has donated to CAES and we conclude with the purpose of setting up CAES to gain an opening to harass our cause. Ms. Nixon harasses any who raise or attempt to raise funds in order to help the Heber Wild Horses in Arizona. She arrived new on the scene and donated $500 on July 3rd, 2018. This date was one day after the fundraiser she donated to, had openly stated that water hauling to the Heber wild horses would likely be done.  However, water hauling for wildlife continued until the third week of July. (We determined which fundraiser she donated to by the fact that she donated through PayPal. All other fundraisers donations came  through Facebook.)  


She later donated $150 on a camera fundraiser to CAES on 3/25/2019 though both she and Ms. Crawford had spent considerable effort at least some 2 months previously, to convince our main ground crew coordinator, in the Heber area, per his affidavit herein, that we at CAES were crooks regarding the $500 donation (unbeknownst to us) of 7/3/2018. Then, shortly after donating that $150, she asked for that $150 back, after apparently blocking our ability to utilize the camera donations timely, and then slammed us for not utilizing it timely. However, this $150 has also been appropriately spent on wildlife cameras and a Drone with a video cam for the protection of the deserving Heber Wild Horse families.


 The $500 donation was indeed a generous donation to CAES and an amount which she, in fact, did not purpose, and did not purpose it according to the specific directions in that fundraiser or any other. This $500 was also spent appropriately on a combination of the Heber Wild Horse and Wild Horse Water Projects. 


However, approximately a year and a half later, in January of 2020, she sent CAES a purposing email for the $500 which we believe was backdated and then asked for a refund after cyberbullying and harassing the board members of CAES personally and defaming and threatening us and all our associates both publicly and personally while working to divide and smear the wild horse advocacy of the area, herself posing as a wild horse advocate.


We firmly believe that Ms. Nixon is not entitled to receive either of these donations back as all monies were spent appropriately per the purpose of the fundraisers they were donated to. We at CAES will no longer accept any further donations from Betty Nixon as we believe she has a different purpose indeed. Ms. Nixon’s apparent purpose is in fact to quite literally physically harm both these horses and frustrate and harass their advocates, and worse, while herself posing as a wild horse advocate, boasting and threatening us personally as a “retired Army Military Intelligence officer” with a “civilian career under my belt, having worked with law enforcement investigating organized crime rings and managing civil litigation.” This in order to add intimidation to her cruelty toolbox. Is this what Ms. Nixon is, and is this what a retired military intelligence officer actually does to private citizens who volunteer their time?


To wit, Ms. Nixon proudly hosts a brutal video of a mare who we understand she prematurely called the USDA FS to come to shoot and kill. A mare who had already been shot 4 days before by those we are trying to stop, however, who our knowledgeable advocate on the ground believed would likely have lived and was who was watching over her and her yearling for over half a week. This mare even got up and walked away after the FS rep. ineptly shot her again, with baby in tow and baby in her belly. The FS rep shot her the third time in front of her foal, finally killing her and the baby in her belly. All this though Ms. Nixon was asked not to call the FS, however, she now proudly sports this brutal and disgusting animal crush video on her personal timeline. This event is also detailed in the affidavit mentioned herein.


In this document, we believe that we have proven that Ms. Nixon has made scores of false defamatory assertions about CAES and their associates, and has harassed and defamed all else including locals, who attempt to raise funds to help the Heber Wild Horses.  


We believe it is clear that Ms. Nixon and her associate, Ms. N. Robin. Crawford, are the anonymous clients of the attorney named Steven D Keist of Keist Thurston O’Brien. His  “Anonymous Clients” are described as the principals of Heber Wild Horses in Az. This was an attempt to extort from CAES, the reward monies raised by CAES to try and get justice for over 30 horses brutally shot in their protected home, the Heber Wild Horse Territory. Extortion letter enclosed.


These we believe are radical special interest acts, standard fare in the overall agenda of desperate attacks against the wild horses and their advocates, all while they feign support.  Their actions betray their sole focus, which is to shame, defame, divide, damage, and harm the wild horse advocacy personally and politically in order to topple it as a whole. 


We at CAES will be posting a Return and Refund policy with each fundraiser in the future and will advise all animal advocates to do so in order to disarm this avenue of harassment from the cyber bully’s dangerous and illegal toolbox.


The chronology of events and the events themselves indicate that Ms. Nixon was instrumental in the creation of a banking bottleneck for CAES, then used this bottleneck to defame, bully, and harass CAES for not spending funding (camera fund) fast enough though Ms. NIxon had access to 7 cameras and gave additional CAES cameras and monies back to CAES once they got them. Again apparently following the pattern to attempt to set up CAES once again.  No surprise,  in this complaint Ms. Nixon claims CAES kept all camera monies. Another false claim again. For both cameras and water, CAES spent more than the fundraisers for those categories brought in.


Without our bank, Facebook could not deposit this funding (for cameras) to CAES because coincidental to Ms. Nixon’s complaint (which she verbally promised to do, to the Secretary of State), our bank account was closed due to the promised complaint per our bank representative. We believe this was a concerted action. However, immediately upon notification a CAES board member appreciatively paid the late state fee that very day without issue. CAES has never lost its federal 501 c3 status.


While CAES respectfully paid late fees immediately upon knowledge to the two-state agencies, there was in fact, no improper use of any funds and no reason to have our bank account closed by the state. Again, we believe this was a concerted action.  CAES is in good standing on all fronts.


Wild horse advocates are literally bullied and/or cyberbullied by Ms. Nixon if they fundraise for a reward for the purpose of stopping the killing of the Heber Wild Horses under the following circumstances: 

  • if they are an out of state non-profit, 
  • if they are an out of state non-profit who has put two locals on their board, 
  • if they are a local org. but not a non-profit, 
  • if they are local and join a non-profit, 

Then, anonymously, there is an attempt to extort any reward monies raised, though neither donated to this reward fund.

In this country, people are innocent until proven guilty, however for Val’s tireless and successful two years of unpaid efforts working in an egalitarian manner with the local advocates she has been nearly killed by the actions of these two people.  On her part Val has: 

  1. Obtain permits for water hauling in a drought and thereby saving the lives of countless wildlife.
  2. Put two locals on our CAES board to further enable their success for these wild horses, 
  3. Put up a camera fundraiser, spend it on wildlife camera and a drone for monitoring the Heber herd, 
  4. Run a dangerous and stressful tip line to obtain tips on violent lawbreakers that could lead to an arrest of those who shoot wild protected Heber Horses, 
  5. Receive serious death threats likely from these lawbreakers, 
  6. Post a fundraiser for a reward for the arrest and prosecution of these shocking lawbreakers.
  7. Coached and supported Mary Hauser the local Board member that was on the USDA FS working group who also became a CAES board member and much much more: Val and those just associated with her are essentially harassed and defamed. This we believe is an effort to empty out our country of its last native wild horses which evolved here in North America and only here for over 55 million years, now in the current 6th mass extinction. This is akin to wiping out the Buffalo to wipe out the First People, only here it is to take down the lawful wild horse advocacy to get rid of the wild horses. This is, in fact, a current pattern.


Moreover,  Ms. Nixon’s actions have repeatedly harassed and endangered Val’s very life far beyond just Nixon’s work to destroy her character and any who still dare to work with her and face the illegal bullying by Ms. Nixon. We believe that Ms. Nixon is the lawbreaker here pursuant to Arizona Law 13-2921 and more.  We believe she is, in fact, working for the opposition to divide and to harm the advocacy and to get rid of the protected wild horses. We believe Ms. Nixon’s work includes false complaints, also based also on a false purposing letter, after the fact, and not in accordance with the purposing instructions in the fundraiser, as its basis.

To read the full response with attachments go to:
Full Nixon Complaint Informal Response

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  1. The Heber horses were murdered by someone local and the USFS, the local Sheriff and local ranchers are protecting the perpetrators, in my opinion. Why else would the carcasses be buried without tests being run or bullets not extracted. Why would an eyewitness not be interviewed or have the pictures and videos of the shooter be used to charge the guy? #JusticeForTheHeberHorsesNow!

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