New FOIA Regulations

BLM has new regulations surrounding requests people or organizations send in for public information. 22 Jan 2020 Today we received 3 responses to recent requests we sent in for public records. For those of you who are new to all of the acronyms, we often call this a FOIA when we're requesting records from the … Continue reading New FOIA Regulations


April Quilt Raffle!

Help us stay in the fight! Get your April quilt raffle tickets one for $20 or three for $50. Get this cute queen-size quilt before the raffle ends on April 28th. Tickets can be purchased up until 11:30 on the 28th. Live drawing to be held at Noon! Use the payment buttons here to purchase … Continue reading April Quilt Raffle!

American Wild Horse Campaign -Seriously…WHAT Are You Doing???

"For crying out loud...YOU celebrated this as a great win of your 1st amendment after we pointed out that BLM's plan is definitely NOT a win, not acceptable, not legal NOW you put out this action to make people think you actually care?!?!?!?! How about you get real and honest with your supporters. I know Citizens Against Equine Slaughter and several other small advocate groups have had it with the fraudulent posts and half-truths of this organization."