Cold Creek Wild Horses

As we fight to stop this wild herd from being completely removed from their land, so many people have been sending us their testimony and photos of this beautiful herd. These photos present the current truth about the health of this herd. Yes, a few horses are thin, but not the majority of the herd.

if you want to submit your stories or photos about this herd to be added send an email to please make sure dates are included for all photos and let us know if you want your name published or if you wish to remain anonymous.

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Oh and we added a few pictures of the fat healthy elk on the Wheeler Pass JMA, they share the same land with the Cold Creek Herd.

A few Videos we received, all of these photos and videos were taken the week the gather was announced.

For those claiming the Cold Creek Herd horses were at or under a BCS of 2, let’s look at the scoring system and refer to ALL the photos taken recently, not just the ones provided by the Forest Service, BLM or those that seem to be supporting these removals made on claims of starvation.
Henneke horse body condition scoring system.

…Special thanks to Dr. Jacqueline Leventhal, Deb Pitman, Audry Dalton & Sandy Sharkey for your support and input, photos and testimony.