Representatives Stewart, Amodei, and Simpson Mislead Interior Appropriations Committee to Vote for Mass Euthanasia of Wild Horses

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Representatives Chris Stewart (UT),  Mark Amodei (NV), and Mike Simpson (ID) mislead the Interior Appropriations committee in order to trick representatives into voting for MASS EUTHANASIA of U.S. Wild Horses. (A voice vote was taken so they cannot individually be held accountable.) Video of the Interior Appropriations Committee meeting is posted below.

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Read more about Representative Amodei’s violation of U.S. criminal code, Title 18 here: Representative Amodei Violates US Criminal Code, Title 18

Press Contact:
Val Cecama Hogsett

Representative Amodei Violates US Criminal Code, Title 18

CAES letterhead

Press Release: US Representative Amodei testified yesterday 7/12/17 in the House Appropriations Committee illegally “misleading”[1] Congress and the nation, regarding extreme animal cruelty of in field sterilization experiments planned in Oregon.
Per CAES legislative liaison Val Cecama Hogsett, Mr Amodei made a statement to the committee that an NGO had sued the BLM regarding birth control experimentation in Oregon with the result that the government had no alternative to warehousing wild horses outside of slaughter.
The NGO referenced was CAES. The experimentation referenced was in fact not “birth control” but in field sterilization via ovariectomy and colpotomy of 200 wild mares in different stages of pregnancy. This is extreme animal cruelty and was indeed halted by the suit[2] filed pro se by Patience O’Dowd in an administrative Appeal by CAES.
CAES believes Representative Amodei’s statement mislead the Congress and the nation to think that there is no viable alternative to slaughter or euthanasia when clearly CAES and Wild Horse Advocates and scientists are overwhelmingly promoting feasible and humane “On Range Management” by birth control PZP immuno-contraception as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. Sadly, this esteemed and feasible recommendation was not even mentioned in committee.
The result was a very close vote in this committee of 27 to 25 to allow horse slaughter in the United States. CAES believes Representative Amodei’s testimony clearly is in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1001 – Statements or entries generally
It is well known that our nation is strongly opposed to horse slaughter[3], hence some of our representatives work in a stealthy manner to re-install this unnecessary abhorrent special interest practice.

Congress must not try to mislead in order to obtain this result so clearly against our national culture.

CAES is submitting a title 18 complaint against Representative Amodei.

Respectfully submitted this 13th day of July, 2017
Dr. Lester Castor Friedlander D.V.M., president of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter

Press Contact:
Val Cecama Hogsett

[1] The House of Representatives Full Appropriations Committee

[2] BLM Motion to Vacate and Remand in Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, et al. 20160909-CAES-IBLA-Motion-to-VR-Mare-Sterilization-Research-EA

[3] ASPCA Press Release, Research Confirms Americans Strongly Oppose Slaughter of Horses


Wednesday, July 12th: The Fate of Horses in this Country Will be Decided Today (Updated)


Update 1:

The Amendment in the Ag. budget failed, and Amodei intentionally mislead the committee….more on this son. We’re listening to the Interior hearing which addresses wild horses before we put out a full account of today’s administration’s results……sickening thus far.

Update 2:
The Interior budget passed the House subcommittee and now moves n the the Senate full committee. This is sickening news again. Not a good day for the EPA, ESA or horses in America. Today, once again I will turn my flag upside down to represent a nation in distress, and it will remain there I fear, until this administration is voted out of office! WE have to vote these people out in 2018. This is OUR country, OUR environment, OUR animals, and WE WILL BE HEARD!

Will they go to slaughter in this country once again?

Will the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) get Congressional approval to destroy 50,000 wild horses that they removed from the lands they belonged on?

Will the protections from all of our equines in this country go backward in time, to a less humane, less civilized place?


At 10:30 EST, the Full Committee mark-up on the Department of Agriculture’s FY 2018 budget hearing will look at the House Draft, that draft removed section 767, and that meant that there can be funding for USDA inspections of horse meat in this country. And removing section 767 also removed the restriction that did not allow BLM to euthanize or slaughter healthy or unadoptable horses.We believe the Roybal-Allard/Dent amendment will be introduced to address at least one of these issues, but we have not yet seen the language, so we will be waiting to hear that. And whether or not it is voted into inclusion in the budget. (This hearing I believe will be audio only) You can open it on the web at the following link:

At 3 pm EST, the House mark-up of the Department of the Interior’s FY 2018 budget will begin. This bill addresses the request of Secretary Zinke, Rep. Chris Stewart and others to make sure NO restrictions are included that stop the BLM from using ALL tools available to them in the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses & Burros Act. This tool they speak of includes the possibility of destroying or disposing of excess horses. The bill seeks to make it easier and faster for the horses to be transferred to other agencies, under the guise of work horses, with no limits. The original language in the 1971 law also said sterilization could be a tool used to manage horse populations. Now, we know in 1971 that statement meant gelding a stallion (mare sterilization had never been done at that point) and they still intend to try and twist that to experiment on mares, and do it in filthy, dusty environments, putting the mares at great risk of death. We will be watching and hoping that the bill is simply at a stand still for this reason and MANY others. It seeks to destroy wild lands, wildlife, and so much more to make us ‘energy dominant’ as both Secretary Zinke and President Trump have stated. You can watch this hearing at this link: