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New article on  grazing fees:

Federal grazing fee drops 46 cents per animal unit

“I wanted to be a spy;           I ended up a writer.”         ~ Vickery Eckoff


One of our board members at CAES, Val Cecama-Hogsett, absolutely loves the writings of Vickery Eckhoff. So we asked Vickery if we can post her writings on our site. “She writes with such eloquence and clarity that I feel as though I just am having a conversation with her, that I understand so eaily what she is teaching through her writing.” I don’t know, it’s as if she literally gives our wild horses a voice, as if she is saying exactly what they would want us to know. I just want to be able to write as well as she does” Val said when talking of why she likes to read everything Vickery. We hope you will enjoy, learn and help spread Vickery’s message.

Moste recently Vickery is taking on the main stream media, and the bias we see in coverage of wild horse issues. She is asking Snopes to report on the issue:
“Does Snopes debunk false information spread by the media, or only internet schemes spread by trolls on Facebook? Let’s find out.” see her letter to Snopes here.

Vickery, like may of us responded to the articles we see that just perpetuate to contiued rhetoric of the livestock industry, calling out the Smothsonian. Read her article containing her letter to Matthew Shaer of Smithsonian, whose May 2017 article, “How the Mustang, the Symbol of the Frontier, Became a Nuisance.


Val said she agrees with Vickery very often just feeling they are on the exact same page. “I have to give Vickery credit for being able to tolerate people much longer than I can,” Val stated referring to a recent article Vickery shared on her expulsion from  Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions FB page, a page Val voluntarily left after realizing one of the administrators of the group is a well-known ORegonian in wild horse circles. That administrator is called a wild horse volunteer by Oegon State BLM, but Val has had many discussions over plans to sterilize wild mares, the horror of slaughter and the over-population of wild horses, all of which this administrator believes in and CAES and Val absolutely do not. Vickery found out that their opinion is the only opinion allowed in the group and that they really are not about finding any logical solutions at all. Read more about Vickery’s experience; My response to “Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions” FB page.

And What timing to be able to do this article, which we will update frequently with more of Vickery’s great articles and letter, than a Thanksgiving day letter from her in 2015:

“On Thanksgiving day, the last thing I expected to wake up to was Tom McGhee of the Denver Post’s article, “Horse slaughter inhumane? Some say no.”
Vickery’s Thanksgiving Letter

Watch for updates soon with some of our favorite articles, and charts from Vickery!

Horse slaughter inhumane? Some say no.” – Tom McGhee of the Denver Post


Thanks Vick! We love you!

BLM and USFS livestock grazing stats: Examining key data in the debate over wild horses on western public lands